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Home Depot Application Programming Interface (API)

I work at the South Roanoke, VA Home Depot (#4628), and I am wondering if there is a public API that would allow a program I have written to convert UPC bar code data into Home Depot SKU codes (assuming the item is offered).  All the UPC codes entered would be HD merchandise, so they would all have corresponding SKUs.

The purpose of this request it to increase the Overhead management efficiency in certain departments until the new system comes online.  If I had a way to obtain HD SKU data from UPC codes it should cut out many hours from the current inefficient overhead management routines in those departments where the overhead storage and the item merchandising are many aisles apart. 
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Posted 2020-02-13T15:50:00+0000  by JEof4628 JEof4628
Hello JEof4628.  Welcome to the Community!

I am not aware of any public API for you to use.

As a Home Depot employee you have access to a variety of ways to convert UPC information to store or special order SKUs.  The overhead management application on store first phones does this already for you.  I will say that it tends to initially load slower than some other first phone programs, but the location of product is not relevant.  This program will tell you what overhead a pallet containing your chosen UPC or SKU is, running the same speed regardless of department.  For overhead product NOT on pallets, the product is supposed to be above or near the home merchandising location.  The overhead management application does not help with this, but IMS and BOLT will.  Each store has some products where this is not possible, and associates just need to learn where those are stored.  An example in my store includes appliances, where we all know where excess inventory should be found outside the appliance showroom.  Another example would be end-cap products like shower heads or drain cleaners.  There is a specific bay in our store nearby to consistently place them until needed.


Posted 2020-02-14T15:17:52+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
I doubt Home Depot corporate would give you the API but I’m curious about what you are trying to accomplish that Overhead Management doesn’t already do?  The biggest limitation is the human factor with pallets not being scanned in/out correctly.

Or are you looking to do something with non-palletized product in the overheads?  As in overstock for SKU 123-456, which is on the shelf in Bay 3, is actually in Bay 5?  I could see that saving a lot of time but would become an nightmare with the number of scans in/out.  I’d be more inclined to think that more accurate ordering would be the optimal solution to minimize the amount of product in the overhead and making it easier to find what’s needed for down stocking.  

RFID would be even better but I’m sure it’s a multi-million dollar expense that some corporate bean counter has already nixed.  

Posted 2020-02-15T12:48:21+0000  by Adam444
The problem at our store is that the "Light Cloud" consists of aisles 45 through 47.  While there is overhead space for non-pallitized items on 47, the other two aisles have no overhead.  All overstock for 45 and 46 are put on aisle 8. That makes it very time-consuming to determine where (if at all) the overstock indicated on the First Phone might be. 

I wrote a program on my personal website that takes input from a third party scanner (owned by a couple of the store managers) that reads in SKU codes and Bay codes and converts them to human formatted SKUs in a list.  The managers use it to scan products and send the list to themselves via email (no email addresses are exposed on the webpage). 

I also wrote a program that takes a formatted list of SKU's and Bay codes and creates a numerically sorted list of aisle, bay and quantity of each SKU.  The program can be used to make a list of all the aisle 45 and 46 items in the aisle 8 overhead.  That, in turn, makes it trivially easy to determine if and where any overstock is in aisle 8 while standing in either 45 or 56.  The problem is that every overhead item on aisle 8 has a UPC barcode but not all have SKUs codes to scan (some just have inventory prep tags, or handwritten SKUs). If I could AJAX a UPC bar code to an API and get back a SKU it would be a snap to "inventory" all the overhead on aisle 8 and generate a list of SKUs for my program.  Without it, it takes takes too much time and effort to collect all the  aisle 8 overhead SKUs

Off to work....

Posted 2020-02-17T20:31:04+0000  by JEof4628
Understand that I don’t work for Home Depot nor represent the company in any way and it would probably be a really good idea to get approval from your manager before attempting this...

Since you’re talking about the light cloud, there’s a limited number of SKU’s involved in your project.  I’m not sure about every planogram but many also have a page that lists the SKU and UPC in a nice, neat format.  With the right software, that .pdf should be importable to Excel and from there to a database or whatever you need to make it searchable.  Obviously you’ll have to update things as new products are added and after each reset.

Posted 2020-02-23T05:26:09+0000  by Adam444
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