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Home Depot TV Commercials with Old Cartoon Clips - Felix The Cat, Betty Boop

Why can't I find the Home Depot  TV Commercials with old random cartoon clips, specifically with Felix The Cat, Betty Boop?

A series of several of these type of Ads aired back in 2014/2015 with old random cartoon clips. It was during the "Lets Do This" marketing campaign.

Here's a Home Depot commercial featuring old random cartoon clip:


Another viewer also recalls Felix The Cat TV Ad and is looking for it too like myself:

Tried contacting Home Depot Head Office without kind of actual response acknowledging these infact DO exist and DID air back in 2014/2015. In the case of Home Depot/Felix The Cat TV Ad it aired quite often on Spike TV, which is where I always saw it.

How about showing some class and acknowledging both of these exist. Please. Instead of your company not replying along with acting like they don't!! 

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Posted 2017-10-09T18:48:49+0000  by fivethej fivethej
I remember that Home Depot tv spot and here's a picture of that old cartoon dancing cat that fivethej is referring too:

Posted 2017-10-10T04:10:44+0000  by devans
Hey fivethej.

Nobody is saying they do not exist. The team looked for them in January and found some cartoons but nothing with Felix. I can usually find any commercial but am having a tough time finding anything. I will continue to look for it.

Posted 2017-10-12T14:26:15+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
You make it sound as if myself and the other person who remember this and saw it, as if we're crazy. All the Home Depot commercials with old random cartoon clips, specifically this one all aired in Canada if that makes a difference.

The gif posted above is Old Cartoon Dancing Cat and was the exact clip in the commercial. Unsure if it's actually Felix The Cat or not.
Posted 2017-10-12T19:22:30+0000  by fivethej
What about TV Ad with Betty Boop?

Does Home Depot have Marketing Manager I can contact about these? As I mentioned these aired in Canada.

Posted 2017-10-26T01:08:34+0000  by fivethej
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