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Home Depot decline on items return with a receipt

I recently tried to return an tool item that I bought with with store credits and a credit card.  Within the week, I saw something better and decided to return my unused item back for store credit to Home Depot to buy another more expensive item.  However I was declined a returnee name with a receipt. Why is it pssible for Home Depot to decline an item for return if it is not open, have receipt and within 30 days.  This is very frustrating to me since no one at Home Depot could really explain why.  I been buying here for years.  Now I have to wonder if I buy at Home Depot whether or not I can return an item I bought by mistake.  What happen to hassle free return policy that is on their website.  Can someone at Home Depot please help me figure this out.  I very frustrate "loyal" customer.

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Posted 2020-11-13T03:39:14+0000  by KenVinh KenVinh
I don't work for the Home Depot but there might be a few situations where a retailer might refuse to return an item.

  • Is the package unopened?  If it was opened is the product unused or returned in saleable condition?
  • Was this purchased in-store or online?  If the latter was there any prohibition or conditions on returns?  One might buy a pallet or large quantity of, say, flooring .  Returning less than the full pallet/quantity may not be possible.  In that case, the store may not want a couple of boxes of flooring that it will have discount to sell.

When you have issues at the store level, it's always best to ask for the manager on duty.  He/she should be able to explain why a product can't be returned.
Posted 2020-11-13T11:58:52+0000  by Adam444
Hi KenVinh,

Please contact Customer Care @ 1-800-430-3376 or text to 38698

Posted 2020-11-16T22:20:10+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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