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Home Depot is NOT what is once was


Last week I went to Home Depot to purchase a Troy-Built Snow Blower, Milwaukee M18 Combo kit along with a few packages of M18 batteries, M12 batteries, a few packout organizer's and many miscellaneous items. I waited for 45 minutes for a store employee to help me with some questions and load the blower on the cart...nobody arrived so left the store.

A few days ago I spoke to my neighbor who is a fellow contractor and informed him that I was going to order a few packet boxes from an online store. He told me he went to Home Depot and asked the store manager if they would price match the same store I was going to order from. The manager happily said they would. My neighbor did not even have to ask for the extra 10% off the manager just gave it to him. I thought that was odd because I always have to ask for it and I get an eye roll from the clerk to go with it.

Because gas is not cheap, I called 2 Home Depot's this morning to confirm they would price match. I picked up a few medium packout boxes, 1 small packout box and a few of the organizer’s along with bits, blades and a few other items. When I checked out it took 15 minutes for the manager to call the clerk back and the manager refused to price match.
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Posted 2019-11-22T21:57:09+0000  by ChiContractor ChiContractor