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Home Depot/FreightRiteDelivery/Sedgwick Claims Management - Who is responsible?

We purchased a GE washer from HD right before Xmas, it was delivered and installed by freight Ride on 12/18/2019 in our empty house, the second day we went in the house we saw water damage on the ground and ceiling. We reported the damage to HD and they gave us a claim number. 
This claim was passed on to Freight rite delivery to investigate, they sent their employee(not third party investigator) twice to our house and couldn't determine the cause of the leakage, they said the installation has no issue, the washer only leaked that very first time and not leaking anymore, so they denied the claim. The Sedgwick contact then told us, since it is our claim, we need to prove our case, to prove that the leak was caused by the machine or installation, even though we have the pictures of damage, the base bin of the washer was full of water that overflow to the ground of the laundry room, then leaked directly to the kitchen ceiling right under it. He said this is not his problem, since he is not investigating the case. We are no technician or expert on this matter, all we know is we bought the washer from HD, it was delivered/installed on 12/18, on 12/19 when we went to the house, we found the leakage. 

As a customer of HD for many years, as a matter of fact, before we purchased the washer, we just had HD replaced our carpet to get our house ready for moving in, we would never expect this kind of ordeal and the ridiculous dealing with insurance company, it is obvious that they are trying every way they can not to be responsible for the damage. 

We are buying products and service from HD, not the delivery company. 

You can check with Alex Bryson of Sedgewich for the truth of our story(704-423-4024) , claim number B918441458 
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Posted 2020-02-06T17:24:38+0000  by thuang thuang