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Home Depot/RAS Delivery/Sedgwick Claims Management - Where Does It End?

I purchased a Maytag Washer & Dryer from Home Depot, first mistake.  They contracted out RAS Delivery Services of Pittsburgh to deliver and install.  RAS destroyed my newly built home during installation.  I was at work but my mother was there.  I was on hold with Home Depot 15 minutes after the delivery/installation reporting the damage.  I told 5, 5 different Home Depot Representatives and Alyssa from Sedgwick that I did not want this delivery service contacting me or back in my home.  I was assured that Sedgwick (Home Depot's Insurance Company, hahaha not even close)  would take care of all of this and was laughed at by a Supervisor/Manager of Home Depot for thinking that they would send or have this company (RAS Delivery of Pittsburgh) contact me.   That's absurd she told me.  I trusted them.........second mistake.  I received an email today from Sedgwick letting me know that they processed my claim and someone from RAS Delivery will contact me within the next 3 days.  So you are telling me that RAS Delivery of Pittsburgh, the same company that destroyed my brand new home now decides if and what they are going to replace or fix in my home?  Are you kidding me.  I purchased the appliances through Home Depot not RAS Delivery of Pittsburgh.  It is Home Depot's responsibility to handle this claim not mine.  I am not asking for money!!!! I just want my home fixed.  They are a home builder store!!!  They can get someone to fix the damages and a few hours.  Can someone please help me???  Guide me in the right direction???  I'm beyond mad at this point.
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Posted 2019-11-20T14:30:10+0000  by MJOHN MJOHN
I don’t work for Home Depot or represent them in anyway but I’m curious how the delivery and installation of washer/dryer could “destroy” your home?  Would you please describe the damage.

Home Depot, like many other companies, hire third party delivery companies, presumably because it’s cheaper than doing it in house.  Unfortunately, just like any other insurance claim, no company is going to spend one more penny than they have to and will consider some “customary” repair process to be acceptable.

I hope things work out for you!
Posted 2019-11-21T01:18:43+0000  by Adam444
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