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We just got our first house a few weeks ago and the back yard is in rough shape.  We had unusually warm temperatures all the way into early December and it appears the seller did not mow the last few times she should have. The grass grew up and then laid over.  I know it needs to be mowed down so water and sunlight can get in and let the grass grow as the temperature starts to rise again and plants start to grow again.  My hang up with all this is the yard is lumpy.  Maybe from dogs digging or the lack of care in general?  I can tell there may be some objects like a rock or two.  Should I just take a weed whacker and cut everything down that way or mow at a really high setting?  I would prefer to just burn the yard similar to what forestry workers and farmers do and then put down new seed but the yard set up and surrounding homes make that not a safe option. 
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Posted 2019-03-13T14:30:22+0000  by SCSOBlue SCSOBlue

Hi David,

Welcome to The Community! We're happy to hear from you!

I noticed that you are in Arkansas, so there are several grasses that grow well in your area. You stated that "as the temperature starts to rise and plants start to grow again", so I might assume that your grass is dormant at this time. Bermuda grass would fit this description, but fescue grows taller and would likely fall over if not mowed.

In either case, mowing the lawn now will certainly be a benefit. Follow the general guideline of cutting off about one third or less of a plant that is currently growing. You can cut dormant plants more severely if needed.

If your lawn is overgrown, run the mower over it on a high setting initially, then lower it to achieve the desired height.

Fill the holes and remove any debris before you mow. Use sand to fill holes in Bermuda lawns. The grass will grow quickly across the sand. The density of the sand keeps it in place to avoid erosion.

If the grass is too tall to mow, use a string trimmer to make it more manageable, but use the mower to achieve the desired height. Don't scalp the lawn too short.

Congratulations on your new home! We look forward to hearing from you again!

Keep us updated with your progress,


Posted 2019-03-13T15:36:52+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL
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