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Project Ideas: Customers Show Off


I made this hopechest for my daughter. I started with an oak tree that was removed so a house could be built. I cut it into boards with a chain saw and an Alaskan small log chain saw attachment. I let the wood dry for two years, then started building.



alexishopechest 004.jpgalexishopechest 005.jpg

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Posted 2010-11-25T19:00:58+0000  by highinspect highinspect

Beautiful work. Oh to have the space and resources to build something like that.

Posted 2010-11-26T01:53:02+0000  by Paul

Hey highinspect, 


I'm blown away at the level of craftsmanship you put into this piece. To take something like a tree and make it into furniture with your bare hands is simply amazing. Nice work! 

Posted 2010-11-26T18:22:55+0000  by HomeDepotRyan

This is a totally awesome piece of craftsmanship. I really admire the beauty and the detail of this chest. Would you mind sharing the dimensions with the rest of us? Also what is the top made of or covered with? How long did this take to build? Any tips you can give would be appreciated. Thanks again on a great piece of work. 

Posted 2010-11-29T18:14:18+0000  by Ken_HD_OC

The length is 44", Depth 20.5", and the height is 21". I would have made the top out of the same wood as the rest, but I didn't have enough, so having some Corian laying around, I used a biscuit cutting to join the Corian to the wood, and it seemed to work out pretty well. The finish is of Tung oil.Thanks for the interest.

Posted 2010-11-30T00:30:00+0000  by highinspect
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