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How To Choose A Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink considered one of the focal points of a kitchen and is one of the three elements in the kitchen work triangle. The work triangle is the sink, refrigerator and the cook top; each must be easily accessible from the others to make a kitchen truly efficient and easy to use. Replacing your kitchen sink involves a lot of decisions, material, bowl size, layout and color.


Let’s look at the options:



Stainless Steel

Stainless steel sinks can give your kitchen an elegant look. They are very durable, easy to clean and are available in drop in or under mount styles. They blend well with most counter tops styles and colors and are relativity inexpensive. However, they will scratch and water spots can be a problem.




Porcelain steel sinks have been a mainstay in American kitchens for decades. They are available in numerous colors and styles; they are extremely durable and when well maintained will last for decades. Porcelain is a baked finish and it will chip, pot and pans can leave black marks, and the finish will stain, but common household cleansers will remove scuffs and stains.


Granite/Quartz Composite


Granite composite sinks are relatively new to the kitchen environment. Granite composite sinks are composed of granite particles and polymers, creating a strong and durable sink. Granite composite will not chip or scratch and resists water spots. However, light colored granite sinks can stain and removing the stain can be difficult.


Quartz Composite

Like granite composite sinks, quartz composite sinks are a combination of quartz crystals and polymers molded to create the sinks size and shape. They are strong and durable and the heat of a pan straight out of the oven will not damage most. However, darker solid color quarts sinks will show more scratches and dings than lighter colored sinks.


Acrylic Sinks


Acrylic sinks when used with solid surface counter tops can be an excellent choice for your kitchen. When molded in to the counter as with Corian counter tops they make cleaning the counter a breeze, they can be the same color or a contrasting color to the counter tops and are easy to clean. However, they are easy to scratch and will stain.


Natural Stone


Natural stone such as soap stone can made a dramatic statement in your kitchen, as with a solid surface, the sink color can match your counter tops for an attractive and uniform appearance. However, natural stone will scratch and chip and regular maintenance is required to keep it looking good.




Copper sinks make a real statement in your kitchen, they offer a dramatic appearance and are quite functional, and they are resistant to rust and bacteria. However, they will dent and are quite costly. You also must avoid harsh chemicals when cleaning them.


Cast Iron


Cast Iron sinks have been the mainstay for decades; they are extremely durable and have a porcelain finish. Colors, sizes and bowl layouts are virtually unlimited. They are heat tolerant and clean easily. However, they will chip, pans can leave black scuffs and they are difficult to install, as they are very heavy.


Bowl Layout:

There are numerous bowl layouts available, these include single bowl, double bowl, double bowl 60/ 40 split, framers sinks which are single bowel with a front apron, under mount, top mount dual mount etc. Choosing a bowel design depends upon personal choice and kitchen design.




Many modern kitchen sinks offer numerous colors;  white, bisque, anthracite, sand, charcoal, gray, black and even red. The sky is the limit.




Are you installing the unit yourself or do you need it installation services?  Home Depot can do it all. Just visit your local store or call our Home Services Division at 1-800-557-5221.

Tips to help you make the best choice


1.      Choose the style you want, single bowel, double bowl, top mount or under mount, framers sink, or molded in sink.


2.      Choose the material you want cast iron, porcelain, granite, quartz, copper or acrylic or ceramic. This will often be dictated by your counter top choice.



3.      Compare colors, you will want to match or complement you counter top choice, or go with stainless steel which will compliment almost any counter top.



4.      Consider price and installation details, under mounts require more work to install than top mount sinks. While top mount sinks are easier to replace down the road.


The Home Depot offers a vast selection of kitchen sinks, most ship free to your home and as always, we offer no hassle returns.  Visit your local Home Depot, our Kitchen and Bath associates will assist you in selecting the ideal sink for your kitchen.


Mike, The Home Depot Answer Man

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