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How To Make Garden Paver

Howdy Gardeners,

I get questions from people all the time about "round pavers" and how they wished there were more options. So here is a little "how to" post about making your own pavers.


First off you'll need some supplies

Picture Bag Store SKU #1000974224              White Lithium Grease spray Store SO SKU #455445

Home Depot Bucket Store SKU #131227         Mud Mixer Store SKU #437298

Jigsaw Blades Store SKU #611619                  Mixed River Stones Store SKU #1001564422

Spec Mix Cement Store SKU #272868

Tools that would be needed would be

Drill                                          Jigsaw                                        

Start by using a jigsaw to cut the top part of the Home Depot bucket.

Now that the top is cut it's time to mix up some cement to pour into our mold. Make sure to have the picture bag placed on a flat surface before pouring. Notice I used the remnants of the bucket to mix the cement in.


So now we spray some of that white lithium grease to keep the cement from sticking. Now it's time to pour the mixed cement into the mold.


To finish the paver I placed rocks in the cement and let it dry about 3 hours.


Were all done now. If you decide to take on this project, feel free to post your photos so we all can exchange ideas.

happy paving,
Coach Dave


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Posted 2018-06-12T00:56:34+0000  by Dave_HD_OC Dave_HD_OC
Great Idea Dave.

If you want to make more at one time you can use a 12 in. x 48 in. Tube for Concrete.  Cut it the same way and make 12 forms.


Or, 12 in. Clear Plastic Saucer (20-Pack)

Great for kids projects.

Thanks  Charlotte
Posted 2018-06-12T17:28:33+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
Not what you were looking for ? Try posting a question