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How To Paint Stripes on a Deck


Decking Stripes Pattern


Painting Stripes on a Deck


Skill Level: Beginner 


Time: 1-2 hours, not including drying time


Tools and Materials:


-          2 gallons of exterior porch and floor paint SKU # 279- 073

-         1- 4” roller with frame and pan SKU # 363-425

-         1- Extension pole SKU # 785149

-         1- 2” Paint brush SKU # 925-609

-         1 roll painters tape for delicate surfaces SKU # 115-592

-         1 roll painters tape for any surface SKU # 958-999

-         1 Pencil SKU # 703-552

-         1 package furniture pads SKU # 432-363


*You will need 2 different colors for this project. One gallon will cover approximately 300 square feet. Measure your deck and then half it to figure out how much you need of each color. 


Step 1: Lets’ start by putting down painters tape. Each stripe is going to be the width of 2 boards.  In the same way that you would tape off when you are painting a wall, we are going to tape off the boards that we aren’t going to paint yet. It may help to make a mark with your pencil on the boards that are going to be painted first. That way you don’t have to worry about taping off the wrong boards and having to back track.


Step 2: Once you have taped off your boards, it’s time to start painting. With one color, paint each stripe with your 4” roller. Make sure to paint with the grain.  Do a second coat in 3-4 hours.


Step 3: After your second coat dries, pull up your painters tape. Since you will more than likely be walking on your newly painted surface, do not wear shoes.  This may make your new paint come up, so wearing socks would be best.


Step 4: After 24 hours, it’s time to paint your second color. Just like you did before, tape off the boards that aren’t going to be painted. For these stripes, use a tape designed for delicate surfaces.  This tape is specifically formulated to be put on surfaces that have only been drying for 24 hours. Typically painters tape requires 72 hours of curing time before you can put it on a painted surface.  Repeat steps 2 and 3.


Step 5: Wait 48 hours before putting furniture back on the porch. To make sure the paint completely cures, don’t drag the furniture for at least a week and put furniture pads on the bottom of each piece.



Sarah Fishburne


This deck was designed by Sarah Fishburne, director of Trend and Design for Home Depot.   

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