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How can I make a full size dresser loft bed with only dressers at the bottom, not another bed?

How can I make a full size dresser loft bed with only dressers at the bottom, not another bed?


I am interested in building it myself because a lot of these websites are asking $2,000+ and some of these people aren't even selling these wooden products with solid wood, which is dangerous! I want to do this for my daughter as a Christmas gift and also to make more room in her bedroom as it's getting a little cramped. This will help eliminate her dressers.


Preferably something with stairs, not a straight ladder, where the actual steps are drawers with storage as well.


Here is an example: Loft Bed with Staircase

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Posted 2013-11-18T16:30:02+0000  by Lanaette1 Lanaette1

WOW! what an awesome idea for a gift to your daughter.  


I am a Dad of three daughters and built a "Ginormous" platform bed one year that my daughter used all the way to adulthood (well …19 at least). It was a lot of fun and very rewarding.


   As a dad, I have some red flags going up about some of the designs and concepts that are out there with these types of beds.  The biggest concern is that of having the drawers located right in the front of the steps. If one is even left slightly open and a child should step into it on the way down… serious injury can happen.


   Another concern is in the actual construction of the bed loft. I would want to hold the whole thing together with big lag bolts so it would never come apart, but then there’s the issue of all that hardware possibly catching on skin and clothing.


So, I suggest thinking a little outside the box on this one and combining a playhouse with a bed loft on top. Still keeping the steps concept, but instead of having drawers on the front, place them on the side of each step (if you have the space).



   We here at the Home Depot Community have an awesome partnership with one of the biggest DIY bloggers around. has done several projects with us in the past (like: Build an Adirondack Chair) and actually has plans for this very idea on her website.  There are several different designs to choose from and the best part is the cost of materials is just a fraction of that big sticker price you mentioned in your post.  She has the plans available, lots of feedback, and lots of pictures.  The only thing she doesn’t have are the supplies…Hummm, I wonder where you could find all those materials in one place.:smileywink:


Here is a link to the article and the plans:  PLAYHOUSE LOFT BED WITH STAIRS



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Posted 2013-11-18T18:33:40+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

What's involved and what you would need to build some kind of loft bed very much depends on what level of quality you want to achieve.  You could certainly build the basic framework out of construction grade wood with a minimum of tools.  If you want to build something that looks like the bed in the link you provided, you're tackling an advanced woodworking project.  At the very minimum you'd need a contractor style table saw, portable planer, jointer, router, sander, bits, blades, clamps, etc.



Posted 2013-11-18T18:28:54+0000  by Adam444

I see... I don't mind an advanced sort of project. It's not just myself. And although I am a woman, I can get down with the get down as far as tools and woodwork goes as it is. Plus, I won't be doing this alone. It's a family project/gift to my daughter. I do not want something cheaply done, like Ikea, to be quite frank. I want to assemble as well as have the ability to reassemble, need be, when moving is an issue. I will definitely keep everything you said in mind. Thank you so much.

Posted 2013-11-18T19:09:20+0000  by Lanaette1

Wow, thanks for such a quick response and you seem very knowledgeable. I did NOT think about the hazard behind the steps having storage at the front. I will DEFINITELY make sure that I have it from the side opposed to the front instead. You made so much sense on that. And I'm all about preventative measures on boo-boos. :smileylol:


I love the hidden play area idea but it is just so crucial that she has storage and less play stuff. It causes messes, she has organizers for toys. I automatically see her obliterating that area; I can just see it now. And she is 5 years old but grows so extremely quickly as opposed to other children her age, I can see her bending down just to walk and enter in, in no time. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE SOURCES! You have also been a great help!!!



Posted 2013-11-18T19:15:24+0000  by Lanaette1

Keep us posted on all the progress - we love pictures!

Posted 2013-11-18T19:26:15+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

Haha! Pictures. Didn't think about that.. Will do, Kevin. And thanks so much. You've been a great deal of help.

Posted 2013-11-19T13:55:39+0000  by Lanaette1
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