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How do I fix a leaky outdoor faucet?

The faucet with hose attached leaks constantly.  How can I fix it?  I don't believe it is the washer. 

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Posted 2014-01-23T19:18:34+0000  by L_M L_M

Hello L_M!


Let's try gathering a bit more detail.


Do you mean the hose bib (faucet) itself leaks?


Or, do you mean the hose attached to the hose bib leaks?


If the second, does that hose bib remain "on" 24-7 ... with the hose pressurized?


And finally, when you say, "I don't believe it is the washer," do you mean the washer between the hose and hose bib?


Or, do you mean the valve washer inside the hose bib?


How did you conclude that it wasn't the washer ... was it replaced or repaired recently?


Follow up and we'll try to help.

Posted 2014-01-23T19:50:23+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

The hose bib, faucet, itself leaks.  No, it is not on 24/7; only when in use. I think it may be the washer inside the hose bib.  The washer has been checked and that is why I believe it is not the washer.

Posted 2014-01-23T21:19:18+0000  by L_M

Hi L_M,


Hose bibs have two washers or seals, one is at the base of the stem, it is round and held in by a screw.


This is the most common part to fail in a hose bib.


There is also a seal around the upper part of the stem called packing. The packing seals the stem at the top.


When the packing fails water will leak around he stem at the nut just below the handle.


To fix this, turn off the water at the source, loosen the packing nut and remove the stem by unscrewing it.


Under the nut you will see a large rubber washer, the washer is the packing.


Replace the packing, you can buy new packing, or a packing repair kit at your local Home Depot.


Reinstall the stem, tighten the nut and your leak should be gone.



Posted 2014-01-23T23:11:57+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
Thanks L_M for your follow up and to Mike as well for picking up the thread!

More recently, I wrote How To Repair a Hose Bib (with pictures).

Click the link to see the step-by-step instructions and products required.
Posted 2015-11-05T23:34:01+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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