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How do I get Sheetrock smooth enough to paint with semi-gloss paint

I want to paint the interior of my home. But when it was built the Sheetrock wasn't done very smooth. What do I need to do to be able to paint with as semi- gloss pain ?
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Posted 2013-11-25T00:05:44+0000  by Dona.ax1188 Dona.ax1188

You would need to bring your drywall to what's called in the industry a "level 5" finish.  Basically it's similar to what has already been done to your walls but a skim coat of drywall compound is applied to the entire wall surface.  


Unfortunately it's really not a DIY project and you'd save a lot of money by using a lower sheen paint.

Posted 2013-11-25T03:12:40+0000  by Adam444
Thank you Adam. So how expensive is it.? I hate the crappy job that was done on my wall's.
Posted 2013-11-25T03:24:20+0000  by Dona.ax1188



My question would be why are you using semi-gloss for general household applications? 

Today's modern paints will give similar performance as to washability and moisture resistance at a much lower sheen.  Behr's Ultra can be used in as low as an eggshell sheen in even a bath that is being steamed up. It's "nano technology" gives it a very dense, scrubable finish. I personally have the eggshell in both my baths and laundry and it has held up wonderfully. Ultra is intrinsically mildew resistant, although, like all Behr paints, it has a chemical mildecide too.


The point is, high gloss highlights every imperfection that a wall has. If the initial houseframing and drywall job was not good, you might not be able to achieve that "class 5" finish even after big money expenditures.


Simply a really good sanding job, good surface preparation and a good primer and low sheen paint can work wonders.


Also, evaluate your lighting. Very few drywall jobs can stand a highly directional light source shining down the wall! I had a bow in my living room ceiling that looked terrible everytime a ceiling fixture was turned on and shone a light across the ceiling. Simply changing the fixture out to one that only downlighted completely hid the problem.


Similarly, during my contracting days, I would ask the customer to put a Post-It on any surface irregularities that bugged them at night.  The normal daylight would often make such areas completely imperceptible.


Hope this has helped in finding alternatives for your problem.

Posted 2013-11-25T05:55:41+0000  by ordjen
Hi Dona.ax1188,

Reaching that level is commonly done by professionals with professional tools.

You'll have to check around at your local tool rental stores to locate the wallboard joint sander demonstrated in the attached video.

This tool is commonly attached to a shop vac to limit dust.

You'll also want to tape over your central air returns and air vents to prevent dust circulating throughout your home.

Click the link to have a look at the sander ... if you can locate one, your job will be much easier.

Once very smooth, an evenly sealed base can be created with primer tinted to be similar to your semi-gloss color.

Zinsser 123 is a great choice.

Add eight ounces of Floetrol per gallon to your paint and apply semi-gloss with by spraying to create a perfectly smooth coating.
Posted 2015-12-03T22:50:39+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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