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How do I get refrigerator doors to open from right to left?

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Posted 2013-06-20T17:29:02+0000  by pongo1 pongo1

Hi Pongo, I’m Ken with the Home Depot. Welcome to the community.


Most refrigerators have doors that can be changed from one side to the other. Usually there is a page in the instruction manual that will give you step by step instructions on how to change the opening direction of your door. This is pretty easy to accomplish.


If you do not have the instruction manual, I will help you get one. I will need the make and model of the refrigerator. So please provide me the needed information and I will get you going in the right direction to changing your refrigerator door.

Posted 2013-06-20T18:49:06+0000  by Ken_HD_OC

Easiest way to determine if it's possible is to look at the top and bottom edges of the appliance, opposite the door hinges. If you find plugs in the door, and/or the appliance body where the hinge brackets would mount for the opposite door swing, you should be good to go. Remove any plugs in the top/bottom door edge, and applince body, and set aside. Pop the covers off of the top hinge to expose the mounting screws.  Carefully remove them, as the door will be free when the last one comes out. Lift the door up and off, set aside, and remove the bottom hinge bracket. Often times(but not always) to reverse the door swing, the bottom hinge bracket will be moved to the top side of the appliance on the opposite side, and the top hinge will be moved to the bottom of the opposite side. Once you've determined the correct location of the hinge brackets, install the bottom one first, carefully set the door in place on that bottom hinge pin, and then install the top hinge. Once it's screwd back together, pop the plugs in the appropriate holes on the door and appliance body, then replace the decorative bracket covers. Sounds like a lot, but the whole process should take about 20 minutes.

Posted 2013-06-27T00:06:15+0000  by IBEWPRO
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