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How do I hang heavy shelving (book weight) on sheetrock?

My friend has asked me to help her hang shelves (book shelves) on her brooklyn apt walls that are sheetrock. I know I should use wall anchors but I'm not sure what type, how many, and what to look out for in case that wall can't actually sustain the weight.


Let me know your answers and maybe a quick step by step ASAP please and thank you :0)

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Posted 2013-09-22T15:47:41+0000  by TJR TJR

Hollow wall anchors aren't the best choice for heavy weights, unless you use a lot of them.  Hit the studs instead.  They should be spaced 16" apart.  

Posted 2013-09-22T15:50:53+0000  by Adam444
What exactly are the "studs", can I find them by knocking on the wall or is this something I need to measure out?
Posted 2013-09-22T15:52:20+0000  by TJR

Studs are vertical pieces of wood inside your wall.



While they are typically placed on 16" centers, they can be tricky to find.  Rapping on the wall is one way to identify them, as the hollow sound goes away.  Stud sensors work to some degree, although I've never used on that was perfect.  Looking for the screws that were used to attach the drywall is another way.  Sometimes there is a small depression left by the screw or the texture of the wall changes because of the drywall compound used to cover the screw.  Sometimes drilling a series of small holes in the only way to precisely locate a stud.


Hope this helps!

Posted 2013-09-22T16:49:56+0000  by Adam444
Hello TJR,

Your solution includes using a stud finder to locate and mark the framing board behind the wallboard.

Once you've identified their location across the wall, use the ClosetMaid Shelf System.

This system includes a header which anchors the system to the studs at the top of the wall, standards which attach to the header as well as the studs going down the wall, and shelf supports that lock onto the standards and create very strong support for the wire shelves.

The header and standards are attached to the wall using #10 Panhead 2.5-inch Screws.

These screws will go through the wallboard and anchor the vertical and horizontal supports into the studs ... making it very strong.

I use this system and currently have several hundred pounds of paint on shelves 12-feet above the floor.

It has worked very well and has been up for almost 10-years.

Ask your local Flooring Associate to show you this outstanding shelving system.
Posted 2015-12-10T16:56:17+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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