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Bath & Faucets

How do I remove a really old toilet seat? The one I have has metal bolts but plastic nuts that can't manage to turn.

We've tried using pliers but we can't make any progress. The screws on the seat assembly itself have rusted to the point of not having tops. We don't mind destroying the old seat. It just has to go so a new seat can be installed.
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Posted 2016-03-10T15:57:37+0000  by samareth samareth

Hi Samareth, welcome to the community. Sometimes the old bolts are tough to get out. You can use a mini hack saw or a junior hack saw and cut the plastic nuts away from the bolts. If you can't get an angle to cut the nuts, try using the same saw and cut the bolt. You can find this type of saw at your local Home Depot in the plumbing and hardware departments.One of these should work for you. 

Posted 2016-03-10T16:18:55+0000  by Ken_HD_OC
Hi samareth,

Ken has given you outstanding advice ... hand tools to cut the bolt or nut.

When I'm faced with a rusted, stubborn bolt I prefer the Rigid JobMax.

The vibrating saw blade eliminates the need for forward and backward saw motion in tight spaces.

Recently, when a battery terminal bolt would not back off, the metal cutting blade made quick, safe work of cutting off the nut.

As with all repairs around porcelain, be very careful to prevent contact with the saw blade.

I would recommend a cardboard buffer placed between the bolt and the porcelain bowl.

When I lend this tool to my close friends, each has purchased their own before completing their current project.

When you need cutting or sanding ability in tight spaces, there really is nothing better.

Hope this helps!

Pat InPaint

Posted 2016-03-10T16:46:31+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
Hello Samareth and welcome to the Community.

Another approach would be to use a 1" wide metal putty knife and heat it up the end with a torch (away from the porcelain toilet).  Once it is red hot slide the hot end of the putty knife along the metal threads of the bolt and melt / cut through the plastic nut.  This might take a few attempts of heating and cutting but it works well in confined spaces.  Be careful with the torch.  Maybe have an assistant while doing this process.

Thanks for your inquiry.

Posted 2016-03-10T19:33:38+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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