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How do I remove white spots from wood furnature?

I used a towel but the heat went through and now I have several white spots from my dining room table?

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Posted 2014-01-07T02:59:55+0000  by TiffanyMontano TiffanyMontano

Hello TiffanyMontano!


The damaged clear coat on your table is several layers thick.


In most cases, sanding the spots will remove the damaged layers.


Sand in the direction of the wood grain with 220-grit paper ... watching carefully to ensure you do not dig into the stain.


As this removes the damaged white layers, clean off the sanding dust with a dry terry towel and brush new layers of clear coat over the spot ... allow each layer to dry at least six-hours before filling further.


Filling the sanding pit may take three or more layers of clear coat.


Continue this process until each spot is filled and level with the surrounding surface.


You may need to lightly sand and apply one coat over the entire surface for uniform appearance.



Clear coats are usually satin or semi-gloss on furniture.


Satin is a mid-sheen that reflects light but is not too shiny.


Semi-gloss is distinctly shiny but not quite mirror-like.


Choose the clear coat sheen that most closely matches your existing finish.

Posted 2014-01-07T20:58:19+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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