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How do I use my glue gun and sealant tube?

I need some help on how to use my glue gun and sealant.  I'm trying to seal off cracks around my screen enclosure.

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Posted 2013-10-12T17:23:15+0000  by kartod1014 kartod1014

Hey kartod1014,


Thanks for your question and for joining us here on the community!


Were you referring to a caulk gun for your sealant?


I'm assuming you are, and you have a caulk gun as shown below.

Workforce 60:25 Caulk Gun

Typically, almost all manually loaded caulk guns have 2 metal pieces (on the far right of the image above). The one closest to the tube chamber where the caulk goes gets presses down with your thumb. This releases the mechanism so the second metal piece gets pulled away from the gun.  


Pull the second part while simultaneously pressing down on the second part. This allows the entire tube of caulk to be placed inside the gun. Your second metal piece should now be entirely pulled away.


Once the tube is secured, you can then cut the tip of the tube with the tube cutter hole right above the trigger squeeze to give yourself as large or small bead needed. If a cutter isn't there, you can use a sharp knife or scissors to cut the tip of your sealant.


Once you do this, the handle will then force the bottom of the tube to close, giving you a constant bead of sealant when it is needed. The more you squeeze on the trigger, the more sealant comes out. Also, make sure you close the hole of the sealant once you are done; a nail is usually suffice to make sure it doesn't dry completely.


Let me know if you have any additional questions,


Posted 2013-10-12T17:38:26+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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