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How do i wire a Hampton Bay vent fan? i have 12-3 wire from switch.

I purchased an 80cfm Hampton Bay bathroom vent fan (Model #VFB25ACLED1-5).  I have 12-3 wire at the wall.  One switch for light, one for fan.  instructions are VERY confusing.  even my electrician was confused.  There are many similar posts online -- but i have found no resolved answers -- except returning for another brand. 

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Posted 2013-07-01T18:56:45+0000  by st3v30 st3v30

Hello st3v30,


Thanks for your question.


I have your 80 cfm Hampton Bay ventilation fan, shown and linked below.


 Decorative White 80 CFM Ventilation Fan with LED Light and Nightlight-DISCONTINUED

I realize you have the owners manual, but just so we are on the same page, I have included it below.

 Bath fan wiring diagram


As long as you know you have one hot lead for each individual switch, then the schematic should work, if followed.


What was the specific question you had on it, just what wire goes to what? it looks as though your model has a 3rd wire for the night light. You can make a separate lead, but you would need to create a 3rd switch for this to occur.


Let me know the specifics on what you are up against, and we can try to work out a diagram or step by step instruction.


Hope to hear from you again,


Posted 2013-07-03T20:59:18+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

The wiring schematic you show is completely different than that i received with my fan!  However, if i understand correctly, 1) my white neutral wire coming into the fan shoud be wired to the yellow neutral wire, 2) the black lead wire from my wall switch timer coming into the fan should be wired to the brown fan wire; 3) the red lead wire (12-3) coming from my wall switch for the light should be wired to the blue wire; and 4) ground to ground.  Correct??

Posted 2013-07-03T21:24:59+0000  by st3v30

Sorry for the long delay in responding.


You wiring connections sound solid, but just make sure you are using a switch that will operate each light and fan separate. Since you are using 12-3 wire, it sounds like you would have 2 hot leads. You can combine the night light and light, but you wouldn't have independent functions on them.


As long as each is separate and you have a switch for each, then this setup is fine.


Keep me updated on your progress, and I hope this information has assisted you.



Posted 2013-07-10T19:33:03+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
Hello, need help....what switch panel I need for this fan? Thank you
Posted 2013-11-27T19:31:30+0000  by MarthaC
Hello, need help....what switch panel I need for this fan? Thank you
Posted 2013-11-27T21:26:10+0000  by MarthaC
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