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How do remove the drawers from Hampton Bay cabinets?

We recently bought Hampton Bay Cambria Harvest base cabinets at Home Depot.  Now that we are installing them, we find we need to remove a drawer from a blind corner cabinet.  We can't figure out how to remove the drawer.  Help!




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Posted 2013-07-19T16:13:11+0000  by peterjlove peterjlove

Hi, PeterJLove.

Thank you for reaching out to us.

This sounds like a great question for the technical support team for the cabinets. Give them a call at 888-578-4009 to advise of the cabinet collection/model you have & they should be able to advise how/if you can remove the drawer.

Thank you!

- Nicki (

Posted 2013-07-22T12:56:11+0000  by THDCustomerCare

Thank you Nicki.  


Peter, I just spent way too much time trying to do this myself over the past few days.  I finally got it.  Pull the drawer out as far as it will go.  On the Sides you'll see two black   (  shaped pieces of plastic.  You've probably tried these..., so did I.  The trick is that you have to push on them fairly hard and from the opposite side that you would think.


Push against this side  ---->  (    


Mine were inverted, so one side goes this way ----> (   and the other side went this way     )


Good luck! :)

Posted 2013-07-23T03:00:21+0000  by slamradio
I called tech support for these cabinets. Pull out the drawer as far as they will go, find black plastic levers in metal glides (toward the back), push up on the left lever while pushing down on the right lever. It works! 
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