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How do you remove a tub and install a shower that is handicapped accessible?

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Posted 2013-09-16T19:32:42+0000  by adbrain adbrain

Here are some questions for you:


Do you need the shower to be wheelchair accessible? Or is a small step over an option with a seat or bench in the shower? How big is the bathroom? Are you planning to do it yourself or hire a contractor?


Here are some reasons for asking these questions. There are options that allow you to keep your existing tub and provide a small step over to access the tub/shower. The fiberglass, steel or even cast iron tub has a section of the tub wall cut out and in its place a step over insert is installed



. There are other options that allow for a tub experience without the traditional institutional looking walk-in tubs. When the side is pulled up, the new tub looks like a standard tub (just a bit taller) and fits into the standard tub space. This type of solution allows for easier transfer from a chair or walker.



You can tile a complete remodel of the space into something like this, provided you have some additional room.



Posted 2013-09-16T21:10:24+0000  by Paul

We got bath fitters to come out, but they are too expensive.  We will have to do the work ourselves.  I am not able to step over the tub side to get into the shower.  We would like to put a bench or seat in the shower if possible.

Posted 2013-09-16T21:20:28+0000  by adbrain
I really like the tub with the side cut out and piece installed, where could we get the insert piece?
Posted 2013-09-16T21:23:03+0000  by adbrain


It's sold as a kit...

Posted 2013-09-16T22:34:53+0000  by Paul
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