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How to Build a Bird Feeder

BF both.JPG


Simple Bird Feeder…


Here is a fun weekend project that’s for the birds. No really it’s for the birds.


I’ve made 2 different bird feeders. The first one is very basic and the second one is still pretty basic I just made it a little bit fancier.


The best part about this project is that I didn’t have to purchase anything. I already had all of the supplies that I needed in my garage. It’s great when you can make something new out of things that are just lying around the house.


Materials I used to build my simple bird feeder are:  1 - Glass lemonade bottle, 1 - medium size water bottle, wire,   3 - screws, 1 - washer, and a 1” x 4” x 16” piece of pine.



The only tools that I used were a saw, drill, pair of pliers, and a utility knife.


Your wood might not be the same length due to how tall your bottle is.



My bottle is 8” tall so I added 2 ½” to the height of my bottle to allow for the seed cup, hanger wire and the thickness of the bottom board. I went with a 4” wide board to allow me to have 1” of clearance on both sides of the bottle.  


Cut the wood into 2 pieces 1 at 10 ½” and the other at 5 ½”.



Bird Feeder Parts.jpg                    


Screw the longer (back) piece into the end of the short piece using 2 - 1 5/8” screws.


Bird Feeder Assembly.jpg              



Cut 1” of the water bottle off for the seed cup. Drill a hole in the center. Screw it down in the center of the bottom board right next to the back with a 1” screw and washer.



Bird Feeder Seed Cup.jpg                    


Lay the bottle on the back so that the opening is just below the top of the deed cup and then mark where the 2 holding wires will go. Drill the holes. 


Bird Feeder Wire Measurement.jpg Bird Feeder Wire Placement.jpg           


Bend the wire around the bottle so that there is plenty to go all the way thru the back and wrap around each other. Feed them thru and then wrap them tightly together.



Bird Feeder Wire Holder.jpgBird Feeder Wire Fastening.jpgBird Feeder w Wires.jpg



**Make sure not to tighten them to tight. You need to be able to get the bottle out to re-fill it.**


Mark and drill the holes for the hanging wire. Cut the wire and attach it to the feeder.


BF Hanger.jpg         


Make sure that if your feeder is going to be out in the weather to seal the wood before you hang it.


Now you’re ready to fill it with bird seed and hang it. I would recommend filling it and then putting the cap back on so that it doesn’t spill out while you insert it into the holder. Once you get it in place tack the cap off and the seed will fill the seed cup. As the birds eat it will continually re-fill till the bottle it empty.



Bird Feeder Basic Complete.jpg BF basic close up 1.JPG       


On the one that I made a little fancier all I did was make the bottom wider and round, cut out a heart in the top of the back and painted a decoration on the bottle.


BF Fancy.jpg  BF fancy hanging close up.JPG                    



I cut out the heart and the bottom with my scroll saw and then just painted the design right on the outside of the bottle.


BF fancy Close up 1.JPG             



I used all of the same assemble steps for both bird feeders.


 BF both.JPG            


So let your imagination run wild and see what you can come up with.:smileyvery-happy:


Post some pictures of your bird feeder. I would love to see them.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. We’re all here to help.

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