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How to Build a Raised Garden Bed

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Posted 2013-02-26T20:56:37+0000  by HomeDepotTara HomeDepotTara
How much soil should you buy for a 48" x 48" raised garden bed? Also do you recommend a weed blocker on the bottom? Thank you
Posted 2013-05-08T01:55:33+0000  by jnrekasi

As most soil is sold by the cubic foot (CF), it would depend on how tall your raised garden is.  Assuming you use the one in the video, it is 10" tall.  So, taking your 4 foot x 4 foot garden, 4 x 4 x 10/12 (to convert the 10" to feet) = 13 1/3 CF.


If you want to do the calculation in inches, 48 x 48 x 10 = 23,040 cubic inches, then divide by 1728 to get cubic feet.


I would think 13 bags of 1CF would be plenty, especially since you are displaying some soil with the plant root ball.


For me, I have used lanscape fabric as a weed block, to allow for drainage.


Hope that helps.

Posted 2013-05-10T19:07:52+0000  by shouldbeworking
Absolutely, you should use weed blocker jnredasi.

When Travis, Ingar, Tara, and Ryan constructed the rooftop raised garden, they installed weed blocker across the bottom and attached with staples.

Plastic was attached up each side of the box, leaving only weed blocker on the bottom to help prevent the soil from becoming too wet.

At the top the 6-mil black plastic was folded to cover the top edge of each 6 x 6 timber and stapled down before filling with soil.

Since the sides were pressure treated lumber, the plastic prevented copper sulfate from leeching into the soil.

And they grew watermelons, peppers, blue berries, squash, corn, and numerous herbs.

Because it was a rooftop garden they use a very light and porous soil to minimize the overall weight of the garden.

This was a team project, but an individual or family could easily manage several of these garden spots; roughly four-feet by sixteen-feet each.

Available shade was considered when planting and a water collection system was designed as well as a manifold timer with city water.

The fruits and vegetables grown in our rooftop raised garden were donated to Atlanta Food Bank.

Posted 2015-08-20T21:39:25+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

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