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Project Ideas: Seasonal & Holiday

How to Create A Harvest Wreath



Simple Harvest Wreath:


Hanging a festive wreath is great way to welcome the changing season.


Harvest the fun by dressing up a grapevine wreath with the colors of the autumn season; this design is both rustic and welcoming!


Once again I used the biscuit joiners to create the colorful Autumn leaves as I did in the how to make a  Harvest Garland.


 For years I have seen those little wooden joiner pieces in the hardware department in my Home Depot, and thought they are an art project waiting to happen! The biscuit joiners are almost the exact shape and size of the leaves of the  “euonymus, burning bush”.



Hot Glue Gun

1 inch Paint Brush

Tape Measure of Ruler
Paper Plates

Jute Twine

Paint Samples

Twigs (from your yard)

Ryobi 10 biscuit joiners



Step 1. Cut 6 pieces of jute twine at 10 feet, fold them in half and make a loop knot.



Step 2. Divide the strands into three equal groups of 4 strands a braid them together, knot the end, leaving 3-4 inches of a tail to help form the loose, dangle, stringy, bow.



Step 3. Cut 14 pieces of jute twine at 6-8 inches (depending on the thickness of your wreath) to secure your braid to the wreath.




Step 4. Encircle the wreath with braided piece, tie and knot in place with cut strands.





Step 5. Using your glue gun, attach your colorful biscuit joiners in place.





Hang your wreath on the front door, over the fireplace, or right over your kitchen sink!





Create your own Harvest Wreath, enjoy the bounty and all the gatherings of the season! 






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