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How to Grow Vegetable Library

Growing your own vegetables is easier than you think and it can be such a rewarding hobby if you just know the basics. Home gardening has exploded over the last decade. Whether you are container gardening on a city balcony or have erected a small raised vegetable garden in the back yard, this is your home for everything gardening.

Our team of community garden experts here have an average of over 20 years working in The Home Depot stores. We are garden PRO'S first and computer geeks last. Select the plant below that you are wanting to put in your garden. At the bottom of the page you will find other helpful articles to help point your garden in the right direction and tips for success.

We are updating and adding to this article daily. If you don't see what you are looking for then chime in and tell us and lets get you what you are looking for.

Growing Watermelon

Growing Summer Squash

Growing Lettuce

Growing Corn

Growing Okra

Growing Pumpkins

Growing Cantaloupe

Growing Peppers

Growing Eggplant
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Growing Cucumbers

Growing Asparagus

Growing Tomatoes

Growing Onions

Growing Carrots

Growing Radishes

Image result for Home depot radish

Growing Kale

Growing Chard

Growing Leeks

Growing Mustard Greens

Growing Peas

Growing Potatoes

Growing Cabbage

Growing Broccoli

Growing Cauliflower

Growing Brussels Sprouts


Growing Beets

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