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How to Install Porcelain Tile in One Day by QuicTile

Beautiful bathroom with polished calacatta marble porcelain tile

Of all the recent advances in technology for flooring products, the one I'm going to discuss in this post is the most revolutionary I've seen in quite a while.

As the title states, you CAN install real porcelain based tile easily in 1 day! If you have ever installed tile before, you realize that this was next to an impossible time frame beforehand. 

This was mainly due to time it took the thin-set mortar or mastic to properly dry before continuing the install process (which was usually overnight). 

Now this step has been overridden, saving you on time and just as importantly, labor! No more mixing of thin-set and grout, and just less mess overall to get the new floor you like.

From the same folks that have given you beautiful tiles available at your local Home Depot store and online, Daltile, comes the QuicTile system. In this post, I'll briefly go over why this is the easiest system to install floor tiles....ever. 

In fact, as Daltile states, it's literally flooring reinvented. It's porcelain tile made to look like stone or wood, but in a new and truly remarkable way in the manner it is installed. 

No matter if you are a first time tiler to a seasoned flooring installer, having the QuicTile system will make your job laying down these tiles a breeze versus the traditional way.

Easy DIY Installation of QuicTile

What makes it the easiest tile to install is based on 3 key components I'll briefly go over in this post, the tile itself, the underlayment, and the grout.

As described in the image above, it really is just 3 steps to install this tile flooring system. The key is the Quictiles themselves each individually (no other tiles we sell has this) has a patented floating floor system.

In fact, it's really easy as 1-2-3! Simply lay down the QuicPrep underlayment first, next click the tiles together, and finally grout the tiles! 

Patented locking flooring system

That's right, these tiles float over any exist floor or subfloor simply by clicking the individual tiles together over the underlayment made for this tile. 

This is similar to wood or laminate plank locking systems that do the same, but now you have beautiful and real porcelain tile in many styles!

To make the QuicTile work and for it to be effective (and warranty to be valid), you'll also need to grab the required accessories for it, which I'll go over below in more detail.

The 1st crucial step, Daltile has their very own underlayment available to purchase online or at your local Home Depot store. Just like any floating flooring system, a required underlayment rated for the new flooring is needed to ensure the installation will be perfect.

Luckily, now Daltile has made their very own underlayment for QuicTile called QuicPrep, shown above and below.

Having the underlayment will now be your foundation and will take place of any thin-set mortars accustomed to installing tile. This underlayment is also perfect for any other floating floor system too, such as wood or laminate planks that call for it!

The next step is to simply snap the tiles together once the underlayment is properly installed. 

As the image shows below, they simply snap together via its tongue and groove system of meeting points.

For any cuts to the tile itself, you'll need to ensure (just like any tile install) that they are on the edges of the room or any intrusions (like a support pillar or column in the middle of the room). 

Just like the QuicPrep underlayment, it's easy to install and you can have a room with new tile within a very short amount of time.

The 3rd and final step is the most time consuming, but it is the most important. Grouting the tiles is crucial to ensuring they are sealed in between each one and gives it a final professional appearance.

Once again, Daltile has made their very own product for this system, the QuicTile grout, shown below in a container.

Using this grout made by them crucial to making sure the installation is complete and will perform its best. It's formula is urethane based, which means that it's flexible for foot traffic and stain resistance.

That's right, no tile sealer is required for this since it's already built into it! This pre-mixed grout currently is available in 6 different colors. Click here to view them. 

Just like with any grouting, make sure clean up any excessive amounts, including haze over the tile. Make sure to do this as soon as the grout is still wet to ensure cleanup is easy. The last thing you'll need after the install is to chip off unwanted grout and removing haze because you are in a rush.

This is a big mistake a lot of first time tilers do, so making sure the tiles are clean from grout is crucial at the final step, so be patient to get the best results for your new floor.

Shown above in its additional features, it's easy to remove if and ever the time comes to do so. Also, be aware that with this or any new flooring you place over existing floors, you may need to adjust certain items, like base moulding, room transitions, or even doors to ensure the final install will be complete.

Once everything is installed using all the required products (QuicPrep underlayment and grout), you can now qualify for a lifetime warranty on your new QuicTile floor!

The key takeaway and final point of this post is that anyone now with little to no skill set can easily install tile via QuicTile! It's really one of the most revolutionary options we carry in our store today for a new floor in your home. 

Be sure to click all the links in this post in orange for more information and questions.

Or, please post them here and we'd be more than happy to assist.


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