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How to Make Copper Wire Bracelets

Whenever I've cut electrical wire by the foot for folks at my Home Depot store, almost all are using it for wiring something in their home.

....but sometimes I get the creative folks like me that can turn it into something else...using their imagination and turning it into jewelry!

And instead of buying expensive hobby grade copper wire that you have to buy in bulk, you can easily get as much as you need per foot and in the gauge (size) you need.

In this post, I'll go over some tips and tricks in order for you to get the right bracelet made from copper electrical wire sold at your local Home Depot store. While we sell many types of wire, using bare copper with no outside jacket on it is the best option and one of the most popular choices.

Since this type of fashion accessory doesn't really require too many intricate parts, it's a great starter for anyone looking to make a unique gift without buying too many items.




Tape Measure

Rubber Mallet

Needlenose pliers

set of adjustable pliers

Cordless drill

Copper Wire of various gauges


Dowel Rod (for braiding wire)

STEP 1: Gather Measurements, Materials, and Tools

Remember that electrical bare (no jacket on it) copper wire used for this project is sold per foot at your local Home Depot, so make sure to get a bit more than you need. 

The size of wire is determined by gauge, and the lower the number, the larger the wire. For example, the largest bare copper wire we sell is #4, and the smallest most stores carry is #12.

As for the amount you need, one bracelet with lots of designs that spiral can be up to 4 feet in length, so plan accordingly to your design.

If you don't have it already, picking up a good pair of needlenose pliers are CRUCIAL to bending and getting the shape you need for the copper. 

Lots of higher gauge wires can luckily be bent by hand, but it's always a good idea to have these pliers, as well as backup adjustable pliers to make bends for bigger wires.

Having cloth is recommended when bending the copper, even on lower gauge wires, helps reduce the amount of nicks and marring. As a metal, copper is strong but malleable and can be damaged easily if you are careless with pliers and cutting it.

STEP 2: Bending & Forming the Copper Wire

Depending on the gauge of wire to use will determine how you can bend it to the shapes you want. 

You can start to practice on extra pieces by hand or by using the pliers. Always go slow for gentle, even curves. Use the rubber mallet to flatten or change the shape as you wish.

We also sell  bare copper wire in small braided 18 gauge size, which is perfect for another type of jewelry..the necklace. In this project, I decided to 'braid' that small wire into a tougher version via  a power drill.

To do so, I wrapped one end of the wire around a dowel rod and the other into the drill. The more you drill, the tighter and stronger the cables get. 

Your limit to your designs is only limited to your imagination. You can do some online research and view video tutorials on certain styles you may like.

Be aware that even though copper is a metal, your design can change from the drawing board to the final piece. But since copper is malleable and can easily be flexed in the higher gauges, you can make changes rather easily.

Having multiple gauges criss-cross is just one of several options you can do to give your own bracelet its own unique look.

Using a spiral design is a great way to start a basic pattern. 

As I stated before, using bare copper wire for jewelry is a great way to quickly and inexpensively make something unique as a gift or as an accessory for yourself. 

While these are basic tips, you can always add and put in other materials to even further enhance the design.

So, what will you make? Let us know here, and we look forward to seeing your designs!


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Posted 2016-10-29T22:28:45+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL Joseph_HD_ATL

Greetings Joseph,

I love, love, love the copper bracelets!  I have always been attracted to copper, it seems like the second cousin to silver and gold in the jewelry family, but so much earthier and natural..... if you know what I mean?

I will be trying my hand at some copper jewelry pieces at some point, and I will post the results.

Copper is always a welcome home accent color and material as well, I enjoyed creating a copper table-scape a few years’ back; I used the malleable copper wire (and lots of plumbing fittings) for the tiny place setting vases and thought I should make something else with the beautiful, craft-friendly wire.

Thank you for the inspiration!!!   Maureen



Posted 2016-11-02T15:11:04+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS

Posted 2021-01-09T07:13:06+0000  by Natosha
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