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How to Stabilize Power Rack in Home Gym? (Response to Angelo)

Sorry for the duplicate question, but when I try to post a response to my other post here (, I get an error page. My only option is to create a new post in hopes that I can get another response.

Hi Angelo,

Thank you for the great suggestions. The first suggestion would work, however, I would like to keep that area of the rack unobstructed if possible, as there is more equipment behind that area. As for the second suggestion, I was thinking something along the same line, except cross-bracing with steel wires instead. Without drilling any new holes into the rack, I could attach a corner brace to an existing bolt, and then attach the cables to the ceiling using turnbuckles and lag eyes. Could this also work? Here is a poor picture:

Thank you!
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Posted 2021-01-23T03:39:08+0000  by Holo Holo
As Angelo suggested I would contact the manufacturer to see if they have any recommendations.  Also, as Angelo said, you really need cross bracing to increase rigidity but I can understand how you want to keep it open.

Perhaps adding some cross bracing on the underside of the floor joists and going up with some angle iron or slotted angle using the existing holes/bolts to attach it to the rack.  Think about how a garage door opener hangs.

Posted 2021-01-24T00:33:24+0000  by Adam444
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