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How to assemble vanity w/ marble top

Just purchased Caroline 2048 vanity with marble top.  Came with no instruction on how to assemble or parts list.  can you help asap?

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Posted 2014-01-30T03:37:26+0000  by Busby Busby

Hi Busby,


You can go to our project guides, there are a number of guides available, with photos and some with videos.


Just click on the " Project How To " tab on the community home page, and then click on project guides.


The project guide list will appear on the left hand side of the screen, then click on the guide you want to see.


I have included below a link to our project guide on installing a vanity.




Best Answer

Posted 2014-01-31T01:26:28+0000  by Mike_HD_OC

Alot of home depot products have the installation guide online, go to find you product then select the item then scroll toward the bottom of the page and you will see "Info & Guides" and you should see Installation Guide.  If not then you can always search/contact the manufacture.  Sometimes that are exactly what you need, sometimes not.

Virtu Phone # is 714-892-6804 - they should be able to provide a manual.


Not sure if this is the one you bought (White) but I does have an installation guide



Posted 2014-01-30T16:08:26+0000  by jwatkins82

Hi Busby,


The vanity top is set in place after the vanity is installed.


The top will be centered over the vanity with a 1/2 inch overhang on each side and at the front.


Some vanities have a top that is flush with the cabinet.


Mount the faucet before you install the top it's a lot easier that way.


Use silicone caulk to attach the top to the cabinet.


Once you have the top installed you can finish the faucet connections and install the drain line.



Posted 2014-01-30T21:15:16+0000  by Mike_HD_OC

Thanks for info.  How is basin secured to marble top?

Posted 2014-01-30T22:09:11+0000  by Busby

Thanks to you.   The "Info & Guide" Home Depot supplies does not tell how basin is secured to marbel top or where the clips and screws that were in marble top box go.  Trying to avoid cost of a plumber if possible.

Posted 2014-01-30T22:13:47+0000  by Busby

Hi Busby,


The marble top should have anchors already installed on the underside to accept the sink brackets and screws.


Place a bead of silicone caulk around the rim of the sink and set it in place before you put the top on, secure it with the brackets and screws supplied with the top.


Make sure you have the sink oriented in the right direction. The overflow hole should be at the front.



Posted 2014-01-30T23:35:38+0000  by Mike_HD_OC

Yes the anchors are there.  See what I mean, no instructions/photos to see how just how the brackets and screws are to be placed. Also, do you remove the six small white coushions, on the vanity itself, before placing the marble top on it?

Posted 2014-01-31T00:15:45+0000  by Busby

Hi Busby,


The cushions are there to protect the vanity and top from damage during shipment, you can

remove them before you attach the top.


Posted 2014-01-31T01:06:44+0000  by Mike_HD_OC

thanks again.  i see you are a HD rep, but do you know where i might get some written and/or photo instructions?

Posted 2014-01-31T01:17:02+0000  by Busby
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