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How to build a Bean Bag Toss

Bean Bag Toss


fatherkids 002.jpg


This is an easy project that can be put together in about 20 minutes and provide many hours of fun for family and friends.


Skill Level- Beginner


Under/Over Rating- Under $30 (tools not included)/Over 20 min


Tools and Materials


Ryobi Lithium Ion Starter Kit

1/2” – 1” drill bit

Screwdriver or driver bit for drill

Safety Glasses

Ryobi One Plus Jig Saw

Sandpaper, Block or Ryobi One Plus Orbital Sander

4’ x 4’ x ¾” Piece of plywood (cut in half)

Scrap piece of 2” x 4” (at least 24” long)

6 - 2” – 3” wood screws


6” – 12” Plate (for use as a template)

Dried Beans

Sandwich Sized Heavy Duty Zip Loc Bags

Sharpie or Permanent Felt Marker


Step 1-Take the two pieces of 2’ x 4’ plywood and on the top portion of each trace a circle using the Plate. (For a "regulation" corn hole board a 6" circle with a centerline 9" from the top and centered on the board should be used.) Bear in mind though that a larger hole is easier for small children to “score”.


Step 2 -Drill a hole with the drill bit inside the traced circle created by the plate. This will be the starting point for the jig saw to cut the circle.


Step 3 -Once the opening is cut, sand the edges and repeat the process for the other piece of plywood. 


Step 4- Cut the 2” x 4” to the height you would like your bean bag toss to be off the ground (at least 12” is recommended which is also the "regulation" height).


Step 5- Paint the finished base if desired.


If you do not have Bean Bags, just use heavy duty zip lock sandwich bags like those pictured. Take the permanent marker or sharpie, make an X on one bag and an O on the other, fill 2/3rds full of dried beans and you are ready to play!


Watch Chris build a Corn Hole Board.

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Posted 2012-05-22T14:39:23+0000  by HD116 HD116

I've made one of these before. We called it "corn hole" and used it at tailgates, backyard parties, ect.  It's good to have specific instructions and specifications on this. Thanks for the info. Listed here are reviews of some tools available at HD that might help make the job easier. Simple game, yet hours of fun.

Posted 2012-05-29T23:52:24+0000  by woodrouterman

Let it be said, there is a group for everyone...


Yes, Virginia, there is an American Cornhole Association! And yes, they have official rules.


From their site:


Section A. Equipment Standards - The ACA has adopted the following equipment specifications and standards for Cornhole / Corn Toss: 

1.    Each Cornhole platform shall be a 48" x 24" rectangle made of half inch plywood. ACA sanctioned tournaments should only be played with wooden Cornhole platforms as there is significant variance in play between wooden and plastic or other surfaces. 

2. The hole in the Cornhole platform shall be six inches in diameter and be centered nine inches from the top and 12 inches from each side of the Cornhole platform edges. 

3. The front of the Cornhole platform shall be from 2-1/2” inches from bottom to top and be at near a 90-degree angle to the deck face. 

4. The back of the Cornhole platform shall be 12 inches from ground to the highest point of the deck at a 90-degree angle to the deck face. 

5. The cornhole platform should have solid wood sides with the only opening to the underside of the cornhole platform being through the hole in the cornhole platform. Although portable fold-down platforms are acceptable (with open sides), platforms with solid wooden sides are preferred for ACA sanctioned tournament play as it is sometimes difficult (especially late in the day) to determine if a corn bag was pitched into the hole or came to rest under the cornhole platform by being pitched through the open sides in a cornhole platform. 

6. The Cornhole / Corn Toss play surface shall be finish sanded to a very smooth texture and there shall not be any blemishes in the wood surface that might disrupt or distort play. 

7. The Cornhole / Corn Toss play surface shall be painted with a high gloss latex paint resulting in a surface that allows corn bags to slide but is not so slippery that it allows the bags to slide back down the platform. The preferable color is white, but any easy to see color is acceptable for tournament play. 

8. The corn bags shall be made from two fabric squares with a quarter inch double stitched seam on all four sides. The corn bags should be made from 12 oz / sq yd duck canvas and may be any color that is easy to see during Cornhole play. Each bag shall be filled with approximately 2 cups of corn feed and finished bags should be a minimum of 6" X 6" square and weigh between 14 and 16 ounces.


With the above in mind, I've drawn up a Cornhole Platform plan that will meet the official specifications :smileylol:



Materials (board size using nominal dimensions):

(2) - 2'x4'  - 1/2"thick plywood

(4) - 1x4  - 46" long

(4) - 1x4  - 23-1/2" long

(4) - 1x4  - 13-3/8" long

(1) - 1" dowel - 20-1/2" long

(4) - 1/4x20 bolts 2-1/2" with 4 nuts and 8 washers


It's simple box construction. The frame is inset from the edge of the plywood top 1/4" all around.




Hope this gets you started enjoying many hours of intense, official Cornhole action...


Posted 2012-06-01T21:13:39+0000  by Paul
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