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How to build your very own "Island Bed" garden.

This is an easy "how to" guide for adding a beautiful garden in one afternoon. Coach Dave will show you how, so let's roll up our sleeves and get started!




Here is a easy step by step guide if you missed anything in my video:


hoselayout.jpg  chalkmark.jpg

I use a hose to help us with the layout...     next use bright chalk to mark the area

      letsdig.jpg      addsoil.jpg

         now is where we dig in...        adding some Scotts garden soil is important

cultivate.jpg addmulch.jpg

now cultivate soil and begin planting...                 apply deep layer of mulch

planting.jpg done.jpg                           

smallest plants are last ...                      enjoy your new garden




                             This simple guide is available at your local Home Depot.


Happy Gardening,



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Posted 2012-02-16T21:05:40+0000  by Dave_HD_OC Dave_HD_OC
looks great, but what kind of watering system are you using, is it the remaining sprinklers that the formor lawn used overhead?
Posted 2012-05-02T14:27:34+0000  by Shebagirl2

Howdy Shebagirl2,


When the project was finished, the homeowner opted for a drip system.




The homeowner wanted something that wouldn't distract from the stone and plants.



We had other plants that needed to be watered as well and this systen was almost invisible. 




This kit has everything you could need, it looks great and works even better.


Happy Gardening,

Posted 2012-05-18T00:11:09+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
Not what you were looking for ? Try posting a question