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How to fix a leaking roof?

I have had several contractors trying to fix the leaking roof in multiple places in the bathroom on third floor. However, it has not been fixed. Today's rain caused the entire bathroom to be wet, had to mop the floor. Whenever it rains for an a hour or two the roof starts leaking. The wall paper near the leak has come off . How can I fix it temporarily till I get good contractors to fix it?


Would applying a self -adhesive tape given below from inside the bathroom(not outside from the roof, scared to climb on the roof help? or do you recommend some other product?


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Posted 2011-08-09T21:02:18+0000  by MathewT MathewT

Great Question Mathew!


Water causes more damage to a home than almost anything.


In your case, the fact that the water comes inside the building when it rains is a strong indicator that the repair will be outside the building, on the roof.


It is good that you've identified the area where the leak is occurring. That is the first step toward repairing the leak.


Inside the house, measure from an exterior wall to the most visible water damage on the ceiling. This will give you an estimate of the location that needs repair on the roof. Then use that measurement up on the roof to help identify the repair area.

Watch Our How-To Video

This video show how to patch a roof leak. Have a look.


I did notice, in your question, that you were concerned about going on the roof.


There are all levels of DIY projects ... for you this may be a project best left to a contractor.


If you decide to proceed, use the safety harness and proceed with caution.

Posted 2011-08-11T17:35:24+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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