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How to fix leaky shower faucet

the hot water knob on my show doesn't stop at  where it should.  it goes about 5 - 10 degrees past level. even when you stop it where it should be it has a constant light drip. 1 drop every few seconds. how do i fix this? is it just a washer or do i need to try to replace the whole handle assembly?  and some detail tips might help as i am a plumbing virgin    lol


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Posted 2010-12-17T14:30:07+0000  by aFANofSAINTS aFANofSAINTS

Good morning Saints Fan, how you like them Falcons?

Now to question at hand, more than likely your problem is just a washer or o-ring  that is not sealing properly. This an easy fix. Turn the water off at the valve and turn on the water to release the pressure. Then you need to remove the guts of the faucet. They are all different, but all the same, if you catch my drift. Home Depot offers repair kits for  all major brands, so it's just a matter of heading to your local store and picking up a kit. You will need to know the brand to insure that you get the correct one, and it wouldn't hurt to take the guts in because you'll find a reference book in the plumbing dept. with pictures so you can match it up.

Hope this helps, and go Falcons.

Ray the Hammer


Posted 2010-12-17T15:20:56+0000  by TheHammer

well we will see bout those falcons in a cpl of mondays!!! rem first game our "kicker" cough cough could won the game   lol  but any ways i just went and traced water lines to shutoff valves for the hot water, older house so i couldn't find it at first.  i did what u said with the guts of the faucet and low and behold the plastic spindle was broke  i live bout 45 min from home depot  so i super glued the plastic spindle for now and voila no drip     i will bring it in next time out to replace it    thanks for making it sound so simple  gave me confidence to try it.   you guys at home depot are great  cant tell how many times i've been helped    most times its just something simple and you just need to hear someone say try it!  anyway  thank you  and WHO DATTTT     go SAINTS     lol

Posted 2010-12-17T17:47:15+0000  by aFANofSAINTS

We dat.

Posted 2010-12-17T18:26:08+0000  by TheHammer

My ex was a plumber and you know their own house never got fix so I had to learn how to do things. So ...

OK I know and I have read what to do but when you place the stem socket kit do you turn clockwise ore counter clockwise?  How much eump do you have to put into to get it lose.


Need help so that I can get an oold house up to a new twist. I would like to fix today so that I dont have to pay a big bill.


Can some one help me out.



Posted 2010-12-19T19:34:09+0000  by txsteddy

Hey txsteddy, to properly answer your question I'm going to need a bit more information. 


  Is your shower a single handle?

Is the stem made of brass or plastic?

What brand is the unit?


If dealing with a single handle shower and the stem is plastic more than likely the stem is mounted by simply pushing it into the valve. A lot of the more recent Moen showers and faucets employ this type of stem, usually referred to on packaging as posi-temp.


If single handle and brass turning the stem in clockwise should do the trick as only the stem itself and not the body rotate with the handle. Typically found on American Standard and some older valve units.


Get back to us if this doesn't help and the more detail you can provide the better we can help solve this for you. Welcome to the community and make sure to pick our brains over any questions you may have.




Posted 2010-12-20T20:00:06+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL

help! shower faucet steady running;  condo unit, 15 yr + old?

 shut-off behind wall doesn't even turn off completely!  can repairs be done myself anyway?

i tried to take off screws at the hot and cold handles; one so corroded the head sheared off, other started to crumble.  so i stopped.

can i do this myself? with what tools?  what parts? and where ooh where to begin?


all i can think is to hacksaw off the old faucets and hope i can find new handles with valves that i can somehow put on. or else i'm gonna put on a section of garden hose with hose clamps!  getting desparate.


also, there are a few small gaps in the caulk between tub and wall. black mold growing under the caulk.

can i patch the caulk or do i have to remove it all and clean and replace?

Posted 2013-01-21T04:49:36+0000  by nani

Hi nani sorry to hear about your shower troubles. Unfortunately this sounds like a situation where you will want to get a plumber involved. If the screws have been subjected to water long enough to rust to that degree, you should have a professional to come in and assess the damage.


I'm also concerned about the faulty shut off valve you mentioned. That valve is either the shut off for water solely to the bathroom or possibly to the entire unit. Condo and apartments will often place these to control water flow to individual units instead of turning off flow to entire buildings when work needs to be done. Make sure you let the plumber know that the valve is not fully closing.


As far as the caulk situation complete removal, cleaning, and replacing are the best way to get the job done once and right.


  • Remove all the caulk using a caulk removal tool and a scrapper or utility knife.
  • Thoroughly clean the area of any remaining caulk.
  • Use a cleaning agent designed to kill mold to finish the cleanup and allow area to completely dry.
  • Apply new caulk beading along tub and shower wall seams and allow to dry and cure per manufacturer directions.

Im including a link to a helpful video and writeup regarding caulking here


If you run into any difficulty or have further questions don't hesitate to post.


Chris Fixit

Posted 2013-01-22T15:44:42+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL

hey buddy, you should check where the water leaks then turn off the main switch of your faucet. then start using sealant where the leakage occurs. hope it works



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Posted 2013-01-29T14:07:39+0000  by sensen1
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