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How to fix this door hinge?

My 3-year-old did this to his bedroom door. It's a typical, light, plain vanilla bedroom door, nothing fancy about it.

Any suggestions on the best way to fix it? I guess I can find some wood screws (longer and stronger than the old ones). Is that all it would take or is there anything additional I might want to do here to strengthen it? 

See attached image for the carnage. 

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Posted 2014-05-09T03:03:28+0000  by ddas ddas
I'd suspect that it's a hollow core door and that wood you see is only about 1 1/4" thick.  So much longer screws aren't going to hit anything but air.  Bigger diameter screws also have bigger heads which mean they don't in the recess in the hinge properly and can cause the door not to close properly.

You'll need to fill the existing holes.  People often use a golf tee, chop sticks, or some wooden matches.  Jam whatever will fit along with some glue (ordinary white Elmer's glue is fine).  Once the glue has dried, trim off any excess so it's flush with the face of the existing wood.  Clean up any splinters; the bigger pieces can be glued back down if you'd like.

If possible it would be a good idea to drill a small pilot hole for the screws.

Good luck and tell the little one to go easy on the doors. <smile>

Best Answer

Posted 2014-05-09T10:47:30+0000  by Adam444
Hello Ddas,

Welcome to the community.

Great answer Adam444. I would do the same exact thing. 

I don't golf nor can I use chop sticks so I go to other things that I normally have around the house. I normally use either the large wooden skewers or tooth picks if the hole is to small for the skewers. 

I just take the cap off the glue and dip the skewer in it and then jam it in the hole till it stops. Then as Adam444 said let it dry completely, trim the excess off, pre-drill the hole and re-install your door. 

Let use know if you have any other questions. The community is here to help.   
Posted 2014-05-09T14:58:05+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
Thanks a ton to both of you!

Glad to hear it's relatively easily fixed! I've refilled the holes, added some wood filler too to smooth the whole thing out, then as soon as it all dries, I'll drill pilot holes and re-insert the screws and hopefully be good to go.

Posted 2014-05-09T23:43:46+0000  by ddas
I forgot kitchen skewers, got some of those too.

One problem with any of these fillers is that a screw has the greatest holding power is when driven across the grain.  Regardless of skewers, tees, or chopstick all of them have the grain running parallel to the screw, not across it.  The situation is less than ideal but it'll work, at least for a while... <smile>
Posted 2014-05-10T03:10:53+0000  by Adam444
Hey ddas!

This repair is even easier with Fluted Wood Dowels.

The grooves allow excess glue to ease out of the pilot hole.

And a wood drill bit with a depth marker will create a precise hole to match the dowel.

Titebond wood glue applied into the hole and the dowel tapped in flush to the surface, leaves a firm wood plug where the damage once was.

Position the hinge exactly where you want it and pilot a new hole to match your wood screws.
Posted 2015-07-09T18:22:34+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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