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How to make Silicone Bracelets.

Here is a fun craft idea that I wanted to share with you.  A project that is fun and easy for you to do at home with your family.


Follow these simple steps and wait a FULL 24 hours and peel your favorite design off and you will have a bracelet designed by you!


Skill Level- Beginner


Under-Over Rating- Under $20/ Over 25 hrs (includes dry time)


Tools and Materials

GE 2X Stretch Silicone

Caulk gun

Oil Base Paint – assorted colors

#4 decorating tip

Plastic Bag


Disposable Plate (for mixing)

Wax Paper

Clip Art (Optional)


Step 1:  Select your clip art and place it on a flat surface with wax paper over the top.


Step 2:  Assemble your bag with the cake decorating tip.


Step 3:  On your disposable plate, mix a 2” round drop of silicone with a drop (the size of a pencil eraser) of oil base paint.


Step 4: Place the colored mixture in your piping bag.


Step 5: Trace your design.


Step 6:  Allow to dry for a FULL 24 hours.


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Posted 2010-12-15T20:08:18+0000  by Christine_HD_OC Christine_HD_OC

What are you using for the oil based paint?  It looked like small vials

Posted 2012-06-23T15:39:26+0000  by snickersbc

Hello Snickersbc,


Welcome to the community.


Sorry for the delay in response I've been away from the office.\


It's just the standard small tube of oil base paint that you can purchase at your local craft store. I get mine from Michael's.


                                                          Oil Paint.jpg


Any of the oil base paint that you use to paint on canvas will work.  


Thanks again for joining the community. Post some pictures of your bands once you get them completed. I would love to see them.


Let me know if you have any other questions. I would be glad to help.

Posted 2012-07-18T15:16:51+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
Not what you were looking for ? Try posting a question