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How to make a (wood?) table and a large overhang

I'm a high schooler working on a fun robotic bartender project (picture below). It consists of a robotic arm, that collects portions of drinks from bottles that hang above it. 

I have no experience in woodwork and need help determining materials on how to create the table in the base, which is 40 inches x 40 inches in the base, and 36 inches tall. The base would need some sort of doors or panels so we can access underneath the table. The "overhang" portion is 48 inches tall and sticks out 40 inches, the entire length of the base table.

Any ideas on how to make the base table or the overhang would be much appreciated.

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Posted 2020-03-22T23:44:49+0000  by Sajiv Sajiv
First off, if you are looking to take this into actual production then any materials you use in it’s construction would have to be NSF certified.  Basically that means the cabinet/dispenser can be cleaned and sanitized using ordinary means and methods found in a bar/restaurant.  Because of the moisture present in a drink dispenser that’s going to mean stainless steel.

If you just wanted to make some kind of prototype then the base could be constructed just like a kitchen base cabinet.  The cheapest, easiest way is to use sheet goods like plywood or melamine coated particle board, understanding that moisture will eventually damage the material.  Extend one side or the back, perhaps adding a second layer.  The overhang would have to supported in some way, cheapest/easiest would be some kind of heavy duty angle brackets.  While curved edges are more attractive, simple square corners are going to be easier to construct.
Posted 2020-03-24T12:12:40+0000  by Adam444
This is just a prototype sort of thing. 

Thank you for the suggestions on the wood type, and I agree that angle brackets is the easiest thing to do so we will likely use that. For the vertical structure, do you suggest we make some sort of structure then sheet it with wood, or just use 2 inch thick wood? I assume that it would be heavy.
Posted 2020-04-02T02:22:14+0000  by Sajiv
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