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How to remove mice from your home!

Removing those pesky mice!


A day does not go by without a customer asking how to get rid of mice.  Our mouse control aisle is a very busy one.  Years ago, I used to think is was rare and dirty for people to have mice inside their home.  But now I realize that it a problem for everyone.  It does not matter the size of your home or what type of person you are.  The fact is if it’s cold outside, then the mice are looking for food and a place to stay warm.


Reasons to remove mice from your home:

  • Mice can carry, spread and transmit diseases from feces, urine and infecting food that they bite.  An example might be if you had food on the counter and did not know a mouse took a bite from it and you then ate it, a disease could be transmitted.
  • Mice do not have a bladder which means they can relieve themselves anytime.  Two mice can produce up to 18,000 feces in a 6 month period.
  • They are prolific breeders and one female, can produce 40-60 babies per year.  A litter can be produced every 45 days and the gestation period is only 3 weeks.   At 8 weeks old mice can begin reproducing. The average life span is 12 months.
  • During the night, mice can make 30-200 visits to a food source, depending on availability of food. 
  • The front teeth of a mouse never stop growing and can grow up to 5” in a year.  In the US, rodents cause billions of dollars in damage.

There are a wide variety of ways to remove mice from the home.  Do not underestimate how many traps you may need.   It is recommended to place the traps every 5-10 feet for efficiency.

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