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How to replace a ceiling fan light switch pull chain

I broke the ball chain for the light switch in the ceiling fan. I was wondering can I take the housing unit apart and realign the chain? The housing unit looks as though it cant be pulled apart so I dont know if I have to replace the whole unit because I dont think a universal part will fit. It's a Hunter brand fan but I dont know the model number in case I need that specific part.
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Posted 2018-12-05T22:46:17+0000  by MikeMike501 MikeMike501
Hello MikeMike501.  Welcome to the Community!

Manufacturers are very good at making their fans look seamless, hiding the way that they are assembled and taken apart.  It may be that there are very small screws that hold that bottom light kit on.  Most commonly the center decorative post unscrews so that the light kit can be lowered.  One other less common possibility is that the housing simply must be turned to un-latch it from the motor assembly. 

In any case, ceiling fan light switches all look something like this:

Some have 3 wires instead of two, but that is not as common.

I would find a way to view the top of the motor housing and find the model number of your fan.  You then can contact Hunter for specific guidence and/or a replacement online owners manual.

1-888-830-1326 is their support phone number. 
An online option would be:


Posted 2018-12-07T14:40:43+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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