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How would I re-level a wooden shed on a concrete slab?

I built a 10 X 10 wooden shed sitting flat on an existing slab 7 years ago.  Since then, the slab has sunk down a bit on the right. I am wondering if there is a way to re-level the slab, or how to level the shed itself.
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Posted 2018-12-01T21:00:20+0000  by eccolibri60 eccolibri60
Hi eccolibri60,

Leveling a sinking foundation is just about impossible, you could trench under the corner and add additional concrete to shore it up and possibly prevent any future sinking, however there is no guarantee. The soil conditions and the level of the water table in the area come into play here.

Seasonal changes in the water table may actually create underground pressure and raise the foundation to its original level. The happens in the corner of my garage every spring.

You may also jack up the corner of the shed and shim it, however this may cause issues with the structure such as gaps in the walls or leaks in the roof.

If the settling is not severe and the structure has not been compromised, I would leave it as is and monitor the situation over the next six month to a year, before making any radical modifications.


Posted 2018-12-03T21:25:35+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
Hello eccolibri60,

I'm not sure what part of the country you live in, but I'm sure there are a few companies that offer poly foam concrete lifting in your area. Poly foam concrete lifting is a process that achieves the same results as mudjacking, but using polyurethane foam instead, which provides a more permanent fix/repair.  Our company has lifted numerous sheds, with the same type of problem you're referring to.  We find that water is normally the problem that caused the concrete to settle, but sometimes it's an issue where the soil wasn't properly prepped/tamped before the concrete was installed.  If you let me know what area of the country you're in, I'd be happy to refer a contractor to you (I know contractors in many of the major metropolitan areas).  If you'd like more information about the process, feel free to visit our website at (you can contact us via the website as well, if you have any additional questions).
Cory Miller
Posted 2018-12-11T18:43:43+0000  by ConcreteMedic
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