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I bought new range, has 3 prong plug, installed 3 prong outlet where does the ground wire go

I run new wire from breaker box to outlet. old wire had 3 wires new wire has 4.The 3 prong receptacle has no place for ground wire. where does the ground go?

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Posted 2013-05-12T12:09:10+0000  by etranta1 etranta1

If you replaced the old wire you'll need to replace the receptacle as well.

Posted 2013-05-13T03:47:28+0000  by Adam444

The sales person at the Lowes picked out the plugin and the receptacle, another sold me the wire. It is wired now, but no place for the 4th wire on the receptacle.

Posted 2013-05-13T10:46:25+0000  by etranta1

Sorry, I misread the header of your message.  Let me make sure I have this correct.  I'm going to assume that your are in the United States, if not, ignore this message.


You bought a new range and it has a three (3) prong plug.  You installed a four (4) wire cable from your breaker box (service panel) to the the junction box behind the range and now have an extra wire.  It should be connected at the service panel as black to one pole of the double pole breaker, red to the other pole, white to the neutral bar, green/or bare copper to the ground bar.  What size wire and what size breaker?


Now that you're replaced the cable it would be best to use a 4-wire plug and receptacle.  Typically current code requires 4 wire circuits for ranges.  There's a bonding strap on the oven that will need to be removed (it the installation manual).


It might be best to hire a licensed electrician as, with all due respect, you sound like you're a bit over your experience level.

Posted 2013-05-13T13:36:59+0000  by Adam444

Thank you for your honesty, I wish the sales person at the store would not have sold me the stuff. Well live and learn. I will call an electrician.


Thank you


Posted 2013-05-13T13:54:09+0000  by etranta1

I am sure you took the stuff back as you should have.  For future reference, 4-wire range and dryer circuits/receptacles/cords have been required since the 1996 National Electrical Code.
Posted 2015-02-07T00:32:07+0000  by TomB2
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