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I have a Utilitech TM-008b wall timer. I am trying to install it to control a fire place.

I have a Utilitech TM-008b wall timer. I am trying to install it to control a fire place. The current switch is just a basic light type switch. There are 3 sets of wires coming into the box. each has a ground, black and white wire. one set is curently hooked up to the current switch except for the ground which is tiwsted together with all the other ground. The other two sets have the black twisted together and the whited twisted together. Any ideas on how this should be installed?

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Posted 2014-01-04T17:10:56+0000  by darkelsey darkelsey


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Posted 2014-01-07T00:39:54+0000  by darkelsey

Connect the wire on the bottom of the existing switch to the black wire of the time.  Top wire of the existing switch to the red wire of the timer.  White to existing whites, green to existing grounds.  


That presumes that whomever installed the switch put the load on top screw of the exsiting switch.  If the timer doesn't work properly reverse the red and black wires.

Posted 2014-01-04T17:30:00+0000  by Adam444
Thanks for the information . I followed what you suggested and attached the black from the switch to the white which was attached to the bottom of the existing switch. I placed the red from the new switch to the black which was attached to the top of the existing switch. Green went to ground and white was attached to the rest of the whites in the box. This didn't give me anything. I then reversed the red and black from the new switch and still nothing. Anything I am overlooking? I did reattach the old switch black on top and white on bottom and the fireplace does turn on.
Posted 2014-01-04T18:21:04+0000  by darkelsey


My first though is you just have a switch loop in the junction box and you'll need to use a timer that doesn't require a neutral.


But now I'm wondering if you have a millivolt control circuit (although I'm wondering why it would be in a junction box with line voltage wiring).  By any chance do you have a multi-meter?  If so check each of the switch wires to ground looking for 120v.

Posted 2014-01-04T19:59:57+0000  by Adam444

I was able to use my multi meter to test the voltage on the black which was on top of the original switch and it does not test at 120V it tests out at .5, the white which was attached at bottom was also not testing 120Vand tested out at .0 I also tested the black that was twisted together in the back of the box and it tested out at 120V. So it appears you may be right. This is a double switch box. One switch has low volt wiring going to it and the one that turned the fire place on and off had regular house wiring. I have no idea what the low volt wiring is for. When turning on that switch nothing happens. So does this mean I cannot use this switch?

Posted 2014-01-04T22:45:20+0000  by darkelsey

So it's a millivolt system which means you can't use a conventional timer meant for household current because the timer needs 120v to run.  An ordinary light switch works because it just makes/breaks contact.  Use your favorite search engine and terms "gas fireplace timer".




Posted 2014-01-05T14:20:23+0000  by Adam444
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