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I have a skylight that is leaking, what can I do I don't want to replace but need a fix

i have a skylight that is leaking what can i do, i dont want to replace it but need a fix

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Posted 2013-11-01T00:26:09+0000  by bones bones

Howdy Bones,


You are one of many when it comes to having a skylight with a leak. Unfortunately, the common failure is due two main factors, improper installation and deterioration in the window seal or flashing.


Identifying the cause of the issue is a necessity. You must re-create the leak. Either carefully watch the area when it rains or use your garden hose and run water over the skylight and recreate the leak. If you notice water where the glass meets the window, the seal is broken, and you either need to reseal the glass or have the entire skylight replaced. This is usually best completed by a professional.


I’m glad to hear you have minor experience on how shingles are installed on a roof. It will help you with your first step. Carefully remove the shingles approximately 12-18 inches around the perimeter of the skylight using a pry bar.


Start above the skylight and work your way down around the sides, then bottom. Be careful not to damage the remaining shingles, as it could trigger another leak.


Next, remove any roofing paper down to expose the existing plywood. Be sure to leave the paper only around outside the remaining shingles which will soon be covered. Then remove all debris such as existing caulk, shingles and dirt in order to have a clean work area.


Next, use a sticky back roof paper, (also known as tar paper), and cover the exposed roof and skylight flange. Before applying the shingles, install aluminum flashing around the perimeter of the skylight and caulk in place. This will give you extra protection in case the existing flashing is damaged or starts to deteriorate.

Happy Building,

Posted 2013-11-01T01:07:34+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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