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I have siding, foam sheet insulation; and paneling. Do I add a vapor barrier before adding sheetrock

This manufactured home on the exterior wall has siding;foam sheet insulation'and paneling.Do i put a vapor barrier over the paneling and add sheetrock? What would be the correct way to proceed with this project and can i recieve instructions on how to complete this without promoting a mold condition?

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Posted 2014-01-27T17:16:00+0000  by bobolito bobolito

It depends on if the room is under ground level (below grade)... If you feel that there is a definite humidity issue in the basement that you are intending on installing new drywall, you can install a vapor barrier strictly for peace of mind.


Studies have shown that drywall (or gypsum) that is primed and painted properly creates a class-3 vapor retarder - reducing the diffusion of water down to a ridicules minimum.  Those same studies point out that air leakage is a major factor in allowing water vapor to pass through walls.  Even a 1 inch hole could allow 30 quarts of water per heating season.


Lastly, a strong dehumidifying system will not only remove moisture, but will prevent mold growth and allow for better air quality.

Posted 2014-01-27T18:19:06+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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