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I would like to adjust my gas stove so that it does not put out carbon dioxide

I would like to adjust the air/gas mixture to get a cleaner burning oven (blue flames)
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Posted 2014-05-25T10:35:51+0000  by cudaman cudaman
Hello cudaman.  Welcome to the Community!

On older gas ranges it is often possible to adjust the "air shutter" underneath the cook top to vary the amount of air mixing with the gas.  This is a method to adjust the flame quality.  In addition, some gas orifices may be adjustable as well, allowing more or less fuel to flow.

Newer gas appliances tend to have sealed, non-adjustable burners.

There are also other reasons why the flame color on your range is yellow rather than the blue it is supposed to be.
Examples include a faulty regulator, dirt or debris in the orifices or gas tubes, etc.

I highly recommend that you have a licensed professional check out and repair your appliance.
This is not a typical DIY activity.


Posted 2014-05-27T13:59:32+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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