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In store receipts

just found this function on the hd site.  BUT I can't add a job number to the receipt after I purchase it AND I can't download the information - other than printing.
This could be a very valuable job tracking tool IF it had a bit more flexibility?
Any help??
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Posted 2017-04-02T20:20:33+0000  by raafter raafter
Hello raafter and welcome to the Community.

Yes, you are correct you can not get job names added to previous purchases.  You can manage your accounts so in the future you will be prompted to enter your job name with every purchase.  Go to Home Depot Pro extra  loyalty programs - Purchase tracking, for complete information.

Thanks for your inquiry.

Posted 2017-04-04T13:01:12+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
Hey Charlotte and Raafter, 

You're right, you can link all your credit cards, bank accounts, and phone number to you Home Depot Pro Loyalty account. Also, you can import the receipts into QuickBooks. You can learn more on HammerZen website. 

Even though your posts are older I still wanted to help you out with the great solution. 
Posted 2018-02-23T17:08:17+0000  by KellyMay
Hi Raafter, I was at checkout one time and didn’t know the PO# because we hadn’t created one yet. The cashier told me to just make something up! He said you can actually change it later in your account but you have to put something in first to do that. So that should work for you! :)

Anyways, there is an app that can handle Job Cost Tracking and all of your itemized receipt details too. Greenback custom tracks your Job Name or PO# entered at checkout. It automatically imports all of your receipts for you (you don’t have to download them from Home Depot, Amazon, etc) to your Greenback dashboard. You can then sync them to QuickBooks or Xero or export them to Excel or Google Sheets, etc. Greenback does intelligent syncs so it prevents duplicates and protects your books. It auto-populates fields and attaches the pdf for you automatically in your accounting platform. It saves a lot of manual data entry time and keeps my construction project receipt data useful. There’s a free forever plan and a high-volume paid plan. Try it for free at
Posted 2018-07-06T22:44:24+0000  by SandraBach
Hi Faafter, 

You can manage all your purchases with The Home Depot pro account if you are a member, it is a very easy and free sign up as well. 

I’ve also been using HammerZen for quite a while now and I’m pleased with how my bookkeeping has become so simple and automated. As I can quickly transfer all my purchase information from my Pro Xtra account to my QuickBooks. This saves me huge amount of time. 

Posted 2018-08-10T19:15:58+0000  by PatrickVega
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