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Install and service what you sell...

Install what you sell: 

I wanted to write this letter to let you know the inefficiencies of the Home Depot exterior door installation team. It’s been ~7 months and we still don’t have our main exterior door installed, and had to contract with another vendor to complete the job that Home Depot is incapable of completing. 

We had Home Depot come out on multiple times to conduct multiple measuring, inspections, pull sheetrock off wall, remove molding, and order two separate doors. In each case, the result was failure. Due to the lack of ability on servicing what you sell, we had to choose another vendor to complete the task, with additional cost to us. 

Service Order #XYZ

Going forward we will now have two different entry doors on our home. One from Home Depot, and one from another vendor. By the time the new door gets installed, it’ll be close to a 10 month ordeal - Feb/Mar 2020.

Thank you Home Depot for the mismatched look and feel on our home!

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Posted 2019-11-20T15:42:53+0000  by VTMoo VTMoo
I don’t work for Home Depot nor represent them in any way but I’m sorry to hear about your experience.  Home Depot, just like Lowe’s, uses independent contractors for installations.  Without knowing more about your experience, it’s difficult to say what went wrong.  I do know that if you needed a “special order” door that lead time is entirely dependent on the manufacturer.  If the first door was incorrect in some way and second needed to be ordered, it could easily add another month to the process.

I am curious about the need to remove drywall to install a door.  Were you installing a larger door than the original or perhaps one with sidelights?
Posted 2019-11-21T01:06:00+0000  by Adam444
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