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Insulting with gibberish

I recently attempted to return flooring  (pergo) to a store (7 sealed boxes). They couldn’t return at the store and the employee was obviously alloyed that my wife would ask question (Covington Washington). I then decided to call customer service to ask why I couldn’t return a purchase with a receipt...I was told you can’t return a portion of a pallet even though it is sold by individual boxes. I asked why this isn’t posted when ordering a pallet and was told there isn’t a posting for returns for individual boxes either (dah...Home Depot returns these items). I asked to speak with a manager and was told they are not available but would send me to a resolution specialist (Steve). This guy put me in a mood for the evening by insulting my intelligence (although I have a doctorate degree). His analogy was purchasing an 18 pack of toilet paper and returning two of! Toilet paper isn’t sold in separate single packages with barcodes on them. Home Depot’s failure to be able to set up there system correctly shouldn’t be my consequence...and I have purchased pallets at both Menards and Lowe’s and returned partial items not used! I went home and looked through the return policy and found nothing regarding this! I am an educator and coach locally and will be sure to spread the word about my experience!! Will Home Depot correct this issue or have they lost another customer? 
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Posted 2019-11-03T05:39:33+0000  by Keithcedric Keithcedric
I don’t work for the Home Depot but what I suspect the problem is that the store doesn’t normally stock the color/model of Pergo flooring you ordered.  So if they take your 7 cases back, they have no place to put them, no way to market them, and it’s a smaller quantity that most of the people could use, so eventually those 7 cases end up on the clearance rack to be sold at a substantial discount.

As for returns, the first line of the return policy says that most items can be returned.  The fact that Menards or Lowe’s may have different return policies is irrelevant.

Posted 2019-11-03T12:39:06+0000  by Adam444
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