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Is There A Way To Patch Or Fill Damaged Brick?

I can't seem to run down any info on this. We have a small brick landing at the bottom of our steps going up to the side door. Our Maine Winters have taken their toll, and some of the bricks have cracked and lost their tops. Just a few, really, and I'd like to save them if possible. I have tried concrete patch, but this of course was short-term, and has already cracked-out. I just wanted to prevent injuries.

One of the bricks only has about half its original height left. So, is there some kind of adhesive patch that will work for this? I am not even close to being a brick layer. My concrete repairs and such rarely hold up. I just can't get the hang of mixing correctly. And let's face it, brick laying is an art! 

My fall back plan is to cover the landing with composite wood planking. This is more my speed (although I'm not close to being a real carpenter, either. But I can manage most carpentry projects).

Thanks, deems
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Posted 2019-08-07T21:46:25+0000  by deems deems

Greetings deems,


Welcome to the Home Depot Community thank you for your question!

Extreme temperatures can case the break down, chipping and erosion of brick walkways, patios and landings. Old bricks made from clay are porous susceptible to water absorption and then the freezing  in Maine temperatures can cause havoc.

Most times the underlayment, the base of the brickwork can cause the beginning of the end of brick masonry especially in climates where heaving can occur. The base or fill that is laid under the brick, which is done in layers, has to be deep enough to prevent heaving do to the freezing and thawing this motion can cause destruction to the bricks, and upset entire path of brick work.

Not all bricks are created equal, there are many different forms of bricks even though they may appear to be the same size, the density, composition and uses are very different, some bricks will just crumble after a cold hard winter because they are not meant to be used for exterior pavements.

Concrete pavers that look just like old fashion bricks are the best option these days for a “brick walkway” installation.

Repairing the surface of the bricks on your landing is just a band aid, I believe that you should just replace the individual bricks that are posing a safety risk. Are the bricks mortared in-place or dry fitted seated in sand only?

You will just need a few tools, patio base, sand and mortar to get the job done, along with a bit of time, and a investment of sweat to fix the problem.

The first step I would take is to measure and find the replacement bricks, older bricks may vary in size by only a minute measure but it will all matter when you do the repair reinstall . Removal one brick that is intact would be good to have for the correct measure and to bring with you. Stop by your local Home Depot and ask an associate in the building materials department for some assistance

I found the steps for the repair in an old Home Depot Construction Manual, essentially you will need a chisel to break up the failing brick and the mortar, cleaning out the space of the brick removing all old chips and mortar….then build the sand back up, seat the replacement brick, and mortar if it is necessary. 

Knee pads, dust mask, goggles and gloves are a must for any masonry project.

Check out the instructional videos on the Home Depot site for more hints and procedures. The investment in time will be the greatest expenditure in this repair process, but you can do it!.

Think about sealing the entire repaired landing to keep the older bricks from breaking down.

*I know that you inquired about patch and repair of existing bricks but I do not believe that that is the safest method, please consider the replacement option

This process will be less costly than building a plank cover I am sure.Pictures would greatly help us to direct you, and we would love to see the before and after pictures and pictures of the process would be great as well!

Let us know if you have any other questions,


Posted 2019-08-08T13:58:34+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
Thanks Maureen. I will think about replacing the damaged bricks. I have not worked with brick before, but you have convinced me it's worth a try!
Posted 2019-08-09T00:00:29+0000  by deems
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