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Is there a filter on a gas furnace? If so, where is it and how do I change it?

I've never had a gas furnace - always oil. Now I live in a gas supplied apt.. Does the furnace have a filter? If so, where is it located and how do I change it?? I've lived here 6 yrs. - my landlady has never done anything with it (or anything else!)

thanks !!!

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Posted 2013-11-28T01:00:56+0000  by les128 les128

There should be a filter and I'd hate to see what it looks like after 6 years.  Here's a couple of places you should look for one:




Posted 2013-11-28T15:13:10+0000  by Adam444

Thanks, Adam for replying. I opened the front, can't see anywhere an air filter should be. I notice in your pix, you have ductwork. I don't have that - I have baseboard heat. The landlady's side of the duplex does since she has central air (which she's too cheap to use lol).

Anyway, I look inside and out - I don't see a place for any air filter. I do see that it could use a good vacuuming !! I almost brought the shop vac down and was going to attempt to clean it. It's so cold, I'm afraid of putting out the pilot light which I don't know how to re-light.

I've vacuumed around it before since it's next to my washer/dryer but inside is full of dust and dog hair (why, I don't know since my dog rarely goes there - must be from the dryer).

I'd like to use my snow blower LOL - I use it for everything but I know it will just cover everything with dust. I use that to clear fine, dry snow which clears the yard right down to the cement.

I think I'll call my son's furnace guy, see if he cleans gas furnaces. If he does, he'll know what it needs and make the adjustments, add a filter if there's a place for one. I used him for 20 yrs. and my son still uses him.

Thanks for the reply and pix.


As a side note, she asked me when the water heater was installed so I checked (doesn't she keep records?). I asked if it should be drained, she said no. While I was searching on this site, I saw that it should be drained - no wonder people are always replacing water heaters!!! Come spring, I'm stringing the hose out the back window of the basement and draining it. It seems easy enough to do. Her idea of maintenance and mine are 2 different things. I had my own house for 30 yrs. and I know what has to be done. I try and tell her but she wastes money on things by overdoing it & not taking care of the basics and then complains she's broke (which she is). I'm trying to help her save money so things should last.


Sorry - I'm venting (again) !!! Thanks for the answer - I appreciate it.


Posted 2013-11-28T21:57:11+0000  by les128
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